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hi all. my name's molly, but you can also call me sawyer or nine if that floats yr boat. im a friend from the united states who spends a lot of her time playing video games, being a good-for-nothing marxist *and* homosexual on main, and making friends with inanimate objects in the way only the most powerful of autists can.

dni if:
• ur younger than 18. (unless explicitly sfw.)
• ur any kind of a fascist or bigot in general.
• ur just around to cause some kind of drama.

pls interact if:
• ur queer
• ur on the spectrum.
• u understand why i miss kaworu nagisa.

mealtime. (+) 

sometimes u gotta take some time to yrself and get yr life together by reorganizing urself and then celebrating said reorganization by eating a pizza afterwards.

why didnt anyone tell me the temporex album with nice boys on it was so amazing? this has such a high amount of bangers holy shit

i am pleased to admit the only song i really like off of stankonia is bombs over baghdad. the rest of the album is either boringly okay in my mind or just kind of really not it. not surprised it caused the group to break up tbh

listening to stankonia finally since it feels like if i pass up the sign from the universe ive been given to listen to it that i have personally smited andre 3000 and i dont wanna do that to the man yknow

meeting with marketing later to see how i can have my posts appeal to a wider audience. im prepared to make whatever changes they ask for as i am just in this for the clout

praxis is listening to suicidal tendencies one night and listening to charli xcx the next.

thinking of becoming popular. going to start wearing tommy hilfiger clothes and rick owen jeans and walking around saying whats hot or not.

wow moving beyond my musical tastes and trying out new things can sometimes be rewarding every once and a while. i should try new things out more often

haha watch me never do this again

sometimes i miss using gnome3 but then i remember its gnome3 and that it is too bloaty and not as customizable as i want it to be anymore.

i miss the short time frame we were hanging out within as a society where it was a meme to edit the ending credits to neon genesis evangelion and put different characters in place of rei.

my personal favorite was rei on the horse toy that patrick star was riding in the most famous edit

remember when the independent candidate for governor in oyasumi punpun welcomed lolicons as part of his political movement? yea shit was fucked up, gamers

demanding the internet archive start mass downloading all my posts from my two accounts because im an international treasure and deserve to be preserved as such

yume nikki?
nah. yu you, me molly, silly.

fear and loathing on the fediverse

shout out to my hommy michael johnson down in texas.
he fucked those cops good i cant wait for the next hit.

watching the vod after the stream is over is way more cozy and fun than being in a stream live send post

if we then who on this fuck of an earth?

when will the gamers return home from the war?

more like
doubts(regarding the proper handling of discourse).online

:arosper: this right here?
this is a really nice emoji.
want this over on eldritch.

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"