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hi all. my name's molly, but you can also call me sawyer or nine if that floats yr boat. im a friend from the united states who spends a lot of her time playing video games, being a good-for-nothing marxist *and* homosexual on main, and making friends with inanimate objects in the way only the most powerful of autists can.

dni if:
• ur younger than 18. (unless explicitly sfw.)
• ur any kind of a fascist or bigot in general.
• ur just around to cause some kind of drama.

pls interact if:
• ur queer
• ur on the spectrum.
• u understand why i miss kaworu nagisa.

somebody should just give me $100 for a raspberry pi 400 so i dont have to go through the process of selling my juno brutus. i think that would be the sexy thing to do at least

let's roleplay
*looks at you*
haha ur gay

> "i respect but not support the normalization of LGBT+ people. you can just choose not to be gay. homosexuality and bisexuality are emotional vices. gays are just privy to erotism and do not engage in reproduction."

1.) ah. yes. respect.
2.) choose to kiss me then, coward. why not try swinging my way if ur such a freethinker who is willing to question it all
3.) by this logic so is heterosexuality
4.) people fuck, dude. also adoption exists and would probably solve the issue of overpopulation that im sure u believe is true too

love to play my franz kafka-inspired puzzle game just to end up in a gramophone where i listen to one cockroach tell an audience of cockroaches a series of jokes. one of which was.

who is king of the jungle insects?
an antlion!

gotta throw away my normal pills ig smh,,,

the kafkaesque symbolism of unrequited aspiration and desire in a capitalist reality in the tower only instead its me not being able to join the xbox live groupchat despite knowing so many people who are in it 😭


need sustenance but none of my food is here so i either have to ask for food or just wait for people to be done with downstairs tasks and ask then. this pain is bad.

almost died in a car crash today how are u

when will adam sandler give me the magic remote so i can skip the next four hours of my life and be happy being done moving

one of these days im gonna do a lets play of harvester and itll be a one lf a kind experience

while my boyfriend's car has needed various small fixes over the weeks since he bought it, my car -- a 2005 chevy suburban lovingly named tebow -- only does things that arent actual issues but still annoy the fuck out of me, like sometimes not lock or unlock unless i stand in a weird position from the car or squeal at me while i drive him sometimes

katy licks a lamp post in a nuclear winter

chinese for "what is your gamertag?"

shout out to when i learned chinese for a month or so and was able to learn how convoluted and extra the english language is from an ESL student from china's perspective

for example:
in english we ask, what is your name? what do you go by? what do people call you?
In chinese, the most common way to ask is via the phrase "ni jiao shenme mingzu" roughly, and this translates almost literally to "your name, what is it?" (more exactly, "your name what is")

chinese is a much more straight forward language and a much more efficient language than english is, imo. i just wish i had the patience to learn it lmao

slight body horror 

i can never let my body far too far into disrepair because the second i do my face gets facial hair and i get the urge to just keep scratching at it and trying to pull it out leading to me naturally just shaving it and well hey if im gonna shave i might as well shower and if i shower well then i might as well brush my teeth and so on and so forth.

earthbound is my favorite video game of all time

new vocabulary word that means longing to return to a home that you never had

connie posts abt bts occasionally so i feel the need to say that my friend thinks that black swan was a really good song and so was fake love and another one he cant remember the name of

eating disorder. (~) 

im trying to only eat when im hungry but im so used to just eating whenever that i honestly couldnt tell u when im hungry or not so im tryna to at least eat every six hours or so but even then im not hungry so idek what im doing anymore but it sure is happening

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