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about me: 

i like linux and open source

frc is cool

lowkey bi

website (mediocre jekyll theme):
discord: 132ikl#5281

ok thats it

bi erasure 

calling people fake bi for being in a hetero relationship is not okay. calling people fake bi for not making finger guns is okay and encouraged.

the fact that chocolate milk does NOT come from brown cows is proof that god is racist

maatodon is just twitter but on crack

thinking about:

global thermonuclear war

politics, absurdity 

we should make a new holiday called imperialism day so the us can get all their imperialism shit out of the way each year and everyone else can prepare for it

it will be like the purge except nation states


haha psych i bet u were excited

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cursed trend(?) 

using cws as punchlines to jokes

crlf is wanted for crimes against humanity

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I mean what can even be said about this (birdsite screenshot uspol)

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this is the kinda shit i type when tired as fuck but sleep machine broke

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what if you went to bed at reasonable time but body said "sorry steven, i can't give sleep! come back when you're a little more, mmmmmm, tired!"

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"