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about me: 

mediumkey hoodie bi

i like linux and open source (certified not fossbro)

website (design stolen from @hazel):
discord: 132ikl#5281

ok thats it

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parent: get out, it's time to go
kid: but i am out

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You have entered the public transit meme zone. Please present one meme to ride the train.

now its sweat now its sweat its sweat now

dear white bread eaters: how do you do it

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who created that legendary render of steve stabbing a skeleton into a ravine

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my boss has no idea what school to send me to so im just standing in the middle of the hallway on my phone hoping no one notices me until my boss calls me back with more info

what if da matrix server switched to dendrite

haha jk...
unless 😳

c19 rel 

why is it called a pokemon "gym". where is the training equipment. where is the high risk of exposure to covid-19

jokes on your liberals i am already in bed. checkmate

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?i did? maybe

but what cannot be said is that i did not

everyone will wake up tomorrow and award me with six art points (one for each art manufactured tonight)

they are out of cups at the cup store. this is oppression

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is not alive

timeline's always dead 'round these parts