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about me: 

i like linux and open source

frc is cool

lowkey bi

website (mediocre jekyll theme):
discord: 132ikl#5281

ok thats it

if you're not reading this:

fuck you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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if you're reading this:

fuck you!!!!!!!

god save the queen from what

fucking snakes?

πŸ‘ normalize πŸ‘ heart πŸ‘ emojis πŸ‘

i am going to buy a ronald reagan cardboard cutout and none of you can stop me

had a dream where there was a minecraft mod that was a crtiique of liberalism where you have a bunch of people working for you for slave wages to make stuff which would allow you to trasport items and people across dimensions and also the only place where you can access the dimension was an old tavern where there were cockroach fire foxes

me: how come no one favorites my toots

also me: never favorites anyones toots

found this gem on a rage against the machine video

is anyone able to decipher this

number of times i have accidebtally called emergency services at my job: 1

boomers will ask you a question with a completely serious face and tone and then you'll answer and then they'll say they were joking and not laugh

software rec 

does anyone know a pdf filler than can fill forms and save them between sessions? preferably working on linux

local meta 

what happened to cute

ski boo bop bow

thank you for listening

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@JohnBrownJr no anarchist born after 1920 can lob giant round bombs, all they know is form committee, be bisexual, complain about mls, eat hot chip, and lie

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"