if you're not reading this:

fuck you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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if you're reading this:

fuck you!!!!!!!

god save the queen from what

fucking snakes?

πŸ‘ normalize πŸ‘ heart πŸ‘ emojis πŸ‘

i am going to buy a ronald reagan cardboard cutout and none of you can stop me

@esvrld i dont. seethe at my poor web design skills. cry about how "it looks like the 90s" or "the color palette is bad". you're just not powerful enough to comprehend the sheer elegance of my blog

had a dream where there was a minecraft mod that was a crtiique of liberalism where you have a bunch of people working for you for slave wages to make stuff which would allow you to trasport items and people across dimensions and also the only place where you can access the dimension was an old tavern where there were cockroach fire foxes

consumer electronics question, boost+ 

@hazel i've been rocking the samsung galaxy j3 v for 2 years now

its got:
8 hour idle battery life
16gb of internal storage
locked bootloader with some weird drm thing that notifies verizon if you try to unlock it

sure is great

me: how come no one favorites my toots

also me: never favorites anyones toots

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"