now its sweat now its sweat its sweat now

@peckamatone if you have TiC installed you can go comically fast with glider + slime launcher + jetpack, faster than draconic but less controllable (at least in 1.12)

dear white bread eaters: how do you do it

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lmao one of our infrastructure components is called “blaze” and it has a blaze powder icon in one of the schematics I’m dying

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well 2020 was wild but 2021 going to be out of this world

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my boss has no idea what school to send me to so im just standing in the middle of the hallway on my phone hoping no one notices me until my boss calls me back with more info

@hazel hazel...... not real????

hm.... previous measurements indicated "hazel real" however it seems we may need to double check these findings

missing the joke 

@Mae um, actually. if you go onto the wine website it says that wine stands for "Wine is not an emulator." So your point about wine being an emulator is actually not true. Now that we have established that Wine is not an emulator, I think you would agree with me that, because it's not an emulator, in fact, it is not remarkable as you post implies it is.

what if da matrix server switched to dendrite

haha jk...
unless 😳

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"