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if i eat a grass is that ethical consumption under capitalism

if lgbtq+ mapped on to socialism i would be questioning

accidentally spilled mouthwash on my hand and now my hand taste like mint yum

maybe tall people are hot because heat rises

what if you wanted to eat but mouth said canker sore time

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free steam keys for the following games (please retoot and dm me if interested):
-age of wonders iii
-baba is you
-bioshock remastered
-company of heroes 2
-darkest dungeon shieldbreaker dlc
-eastside hockey manager
-elite dangerous
-endless space collection
-hyper light drifter
-kerbal space program
-kingdom classic
-nba 2k20
-regular human basketball
-surviving mars
-system shock 2
-this war of mine

wish i had a bf/gf but i am terrified of commitment, rejection, and intimacy

who decided which maruchan ramen flavor corresponded to which meat and do they have tastebuds

fuming about morons 

hot lesbians: good
regular lesbians: political

why do people do this

having news in your social feeds is like putting a pill for your dog inside a piece of food


how does it just get worse and worse and worse and not better wtf is going on

is there a good self hosted google docs alternative because every time i try something it's actually kinda shit

hmm today i will make a home folder cleaner called hclean

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kinda want to write a small cool program but idk what

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"