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thinking about the "anarchist" on reddit who said that anarchists never vote

the internet makes me want thigh highs and that pisses me off

dear people who gender reveal party: why

what the fuck why do is feet hurting so much it was fine before

my hypothesis is that in my regular classes there will be the least people with cameras on and in my ap classes there will be the most people with cameras on

woo thunderbird has good encryption finally


the sjws are trying to take my hotted boobs up ahead tits big ones away

painting my nails to get ready for school so instead of coming off as seasonally depressed and demotivated white boy #3851 i come off as gay seasonally depressed and demotivate white boy #5


hey vsauce, michael here

i miss in person human contact with people other than the coworkers i tolerate

i just want soft :blobcatsadreach:

yesterday @hazel said "my gender is a mcdonalds happy meal"

you cannot trust anything they say. they are being paid off by Big Happy Meal.

wtf nails grow really fucking fast when youre not constantly tearing them off


i just found the taco bell subreddit and its really sad seeing taco bell remove all these peoples favorite items from the menu for no discernable reason

petition to change microwave times to formulas so that you can always get the exact right time

whys it called ride sharing, who the fuck you sharing a ride with i don't see anyone else this aint public transport


fellas: is it gay to want a man shove his giant throbbing 10 inch cock inside my tight boipussy? 😔🍵

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"