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they are out of cups at the cup store. this is oppression

ok you have to admit "writers sphere" is funny. comedic, even

if ida frezes me i will simply get a piece of paper in pen and then erite down toot to prepare for tomorrow. then i can show my schoolmates too. they will love me (for producing interesting)

i had another toot planned about lettuce but i cant remember what it is

c19 rel 

is this what being high is like. all you have to do is get flu shot and have baf sinuses and maybe get covid-19

no sleep only toot. my art shall not be lost to the great expanse of time

this originally said sundays but i edited to make it more pc

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i go to scotland on wensdays with the wife

this is bullshit. i am filing a claim with the irs (international revenue serbice)

thank you gmai for storing my completely blank drafts from over a year ago

amazing how i post something to this website and have 2 replies in 15 seconds

those of you at uni: how did you obtain your blåjah? my friend is having issues actually getting his, ikea shipping said they didnt know where to put it lol

we should make a giant website wehre you can store all your code and then call it like gitcenter or something and then ignore dmca requests

what are they going to do sue us

also we need to stop using favorites as read reciepts. like why do we do this there is no reason

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ok we really need to make sure future social media designs do not include number go up mechanics. like no more favorites. no follower count. no boost count. the notification section is only for replied. no more number go up at all


if i had a dime for every time joe biden said "thug" during the debate i would have 2 dimes which isn't a lot but it's weird that it happened twice

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"