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@lain damn. It's working. Unrelated, but if anyone knows a sexy lesbian lizard, I'm single.

Do I want to
- date her
- be her
- heal her while she tanks
- form an artist cooperative with her
- live with her and seven alpacas in a countryside cottage
- date her wife
- live with her and her wife in a larger countryside cottage
- curl up and make cat sounds in her presence


today i will depression nap for...

oh fuck 5 hours there goes my sleep schedule

hello? yes, when is lorde comming back? i miss my queen

do not you fucming DARE forget the Alamo listen i care about you whatever you do dont forget the fuckint Alamo you can't forget it just remember the fuckint alamo

:33 < i don't wanna have to manually type out this prefix every time

:33 < "fuck, they're so much aaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! ????????

:33 < wait. holy shit. i just have a weakness fur insufferable pricks.

:33 < god. it really do be like *is a kitty*

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"