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@lain damn. It's working. Unrelated, but if anyone knows a sexy lesbian lizard, I'm single.

nazis arent allowed to look at my shitposts

haha hit that boost button if u thinkin about thos beans

@Olivia of course, we are well disguised and hidden.
we shall slowly and subliminally infect the whole world with the big gay until every human is incompasitated: only able to think about thos beans
even now you are thinking about them, our plan is working

@ida lesbians arent real, they're like santa, just kids stories, ive never seen a lesbians irl

@Olivia they cant fucking touch me, im a lesbian.
i phase directly through them.
you fool

@ida im sending in the boys, my goons, my minions

fuckin around might try to be creative with the posting format

@ida if i catch you saying beans again in my turf im sending in the boys

i think this is the last time im thinking about thos beans, crew

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What the hell is a starfish, like a rocky star thing under the sea, then it friggin lifts itself and starts walking with a million legs it has under itself.

Imagine if one day these things just came and flooded out coasts, causing chaos in the streets, we watch my as the starfish climb up trees and eat the birds.

It's a friggin doomsday scenario. we need to kill all the starfish as fast as we can, for the sake of humanity.

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"