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If you want to ride bikes with me, and we could physically get together, then I absolutely would love to <3

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I'm telling you! Bikes as transport is really going to take off in the future! It's gonna be the next big thing!

(this statement is a sarcastic joke, based on the fact that bikes as transport (and generally less cars) is what we need now, and previously, but is something that has been lost, and because the photo attached shows a 1983 British postal bike of mine)

Imagine telling the guy that welded that frame, or built those wheels in 1983, that 38 years in the future some weird kid was gonna be riding that bike, loving that bike, and enjoying that bike, as a sign of rebellion against a system that only held bikes as a sporting good.

That guy would not believe in a million years that bicycles would be looked at as a strange and inappropriate mode of transport for the average person, and yet here we are.

That guy would 100% have believed, however, that the bike they were building would still be working almost 4 decades later, because the bike was designed to be nuclear bomb proof effectively, and by god it'll never die.

Bikes *are* the future, and we need to work on making that future now.

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Time Attack/Speedrun Community (Matrix Link)

If you like time attacking or speedrunning and want people to talk to about it all, and breaking records, and all that. Maybe you play a niche game and there's nobody to celebrate achievements or despair with. Come over here, we're friendly!

(Please boost this, because I'm mostly doing this because *I* need people to talk to...)

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Hi. This is a video you should watch.

It's about learning to ride a bike, but it doesn't matter if you have learned to ride a bike, or don't want to, this video is an absolute masterpiece and you should still take some time to watch it.

Please boost this, because it is incredible. :boost_ok:

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This is my crowning achievement in Xonotic. Nothing will beat this.

This took far far too long to do. Please be proud of me.

The whole fuckin USA womens BMX team at the Olympics is gay it seems.


More gay fucks on bikes

its ethically okay to pirate adobe products and research papers (if from paywalled publishers that don't give royalties)

Art of Rally, probably crashing, and then might look at some clothes after if I crash too hard...

Come snug

Why did you use the name on my billing info to call me, instead of the shipping info SourceBMX? Thanks for deadnaming me...

Right, going for those FUSE ones. They seem good quality, theyre very pretty, and now to just add some inner tubes

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All of these gloves are good quality, because I'm only checking actual BMX websites that don't sell shit stuff

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Everywhere is out of stock on those...

But it seems pink/light red and blue are a common colour, so trans flag on my hands :3

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I fixed my BMX with the spare tube I had, and now need to buy more and some gloves. This requires finding a shop with good prices on both

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Ah good... I work with covid deniers... I'm sure they'll be happy if I decide to wear nail polish

Bike rides good for the spirit, even if you think you're late and so gun it...


Riley: incredibly good, soft, lovely, precious, caring, aaaa

I require constant affection else I just kinda stop working

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"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"