Hi. This is a video you should watch.

It's about learning to ride a bike, but it doesn't matter if you have learned to ride a bike, or don't want to, this video is an absolute masterpiece and you should still take some time to watch it.

Please boost this, because it is incredible. :boost_ok:

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Get more kids on bikes.

This video did make me cry, because Phil Liggett has commentated the Tour de France for more than twice the length of time I've been alive.

The famous "[Laurent Fignon] has lost the Tour de France" from 1989 was uttered Phil Liggett. This sentence is the cycling equivalent of "one small step for man"...

I know this is off topic of what the video is about, but you have to understand that this is the *perfect* man to commentate this skit and the only other man I could accept doing it would be Rob Warner (or our mate Kurt Kaminer)

My first bike was a red "duck" bike. I remember it, but I know my memory is bad because it's in 3rd person.

It had stablisers which later came off, it had 1 gear, mudguards, and it taught me to ride a bike.

The next bike I remember was a Raleigh. Dual suspension, big beast of a mountain bike. I rode that a lot. It taught me to jump, to race, to slide, to ride on the road.

After that came 2 old, unbranded but likely Raleigh, steel road bikes. They were 1980s bikes but my Dad knew whatever he gave me was going to get ridden faster than it mattered. I've never owned a bike I was better than, because you're always worse than the bike you're on.

Those two bikes took me until I was much older. I raced everything on these things. Road, cyclocross, triathlon, no discipline was left untouched. I jumped those things!

My Islabike was my first "modern" bike, and that was well loved although I remember it more through photos. It didn't last long before I got a full sized cyclocross bike which I had for 7 years and is now on loan to my mother. A Voodoo Limba. Very well specced, and raced again, in everything. 3rd place in a county road league at Mallory Park, and club first place in the NDCXL (quite prestigious actually)

Now I have many bikes. My BMX isn't worth talking about, and neither is my commuter. My current road/gravel/cross steed is a Scott Speedster CX, and it's great. I'll only upgrade from that to get my dream, custom built bike. My mountain bike is a size medium (slightly too small) NS Bikes Clash. It's effectively a dirt jumper, and it should not go where I take it. I ride dirt jumps, where I push my limits and spend most time in the air, and I've ridden long distance, and it's taken me down tough Welsh slate trails, the sort that people ride with downhill bikes, and my plucky little dirty bastard kills it every time.

Bikes have never, ever failed me. Never have I found a bike, no matter how crap, that limited me in any way. Sure, on a better bike I can go faster, but there is no bike I can't have fun on. The only reason to own multiple is because of technology, and reliability.

I'll ride bikes until I can't ride any longer, and when that day comes I'll hop across to trikes and recumbents and other accessibility tools I hope to work on improving over my life.

Bikes have given me everything I have today, and I thank them for all of it. I only hope I can share all this with others.

If you read all this, thank you <3

@Ephaemera He is... I really need someone with Twitter to message them because they have comments off...

@solarpunkgnome @Ephaemera You know you did a good job at teaching people the basics of riding a bike when I learned something from it.

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