You can tell that this address entry UI was designed in Germany. I have no idea why they are even asking for titles.

This is a company that shows queer people in their ads.

@freya Because some label printers require entry in all fields.

We used to always put a . in the title box, because that was easier than asking for titles

@MxCraven do these printers also make assumptions about the structure of people's names? Because that's ignorant


@freya Almost certainly.

It wasn't technically the printer, we could put anything through it, but the automatic printing software had "Title, First, Last" and then address form. Of course that address form was American and we had to fuck about with it to make it work for the UK postal system... So yeah, of course it didn't work.

Oh, and it had a max character count, because the automated thing couldn't make a newline or make the font smaller...

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