The first bit of this interview talks about coming out in the BMX industry, and people not understanding *why* someone has to come out.

There's a tiny bit of podcast talk at the start, but it gets in after about 1 minute of that.


I actually love how akward the other two across the table are talking about it.

That's the best part. The straight people are so akward, and they're not intrusive or anything bad, they just entirely understand Corey's point that he doesn't want to do it either...

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This is 0% about BMX or action sports, this is just about the world and being in the public eye, and it's fucking cool.

They're currently talking about how shit it is with some people knowing, and some not, and this times a thousand for trans people with new names and pronouns and shit... And it's not just shit for the person who's got to come out, but the people who have to not let it slip like... It fucking sucks that people have to come out, and there's the generation of ~30-45 year olds who don't care but are like "Just fuck off with this shit" about it, and they're the reason you have to come out, and the reason it sucks (at least to me)

Boomers and people who hate it can get fucked, but people who are okay with it but lowkey think differently of you, that fucking sucks, and my biggest fear in the world is constantly that my only IRL friend is like that...

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