On your bicycle, which way round are the brake levers?


If you've only got one brake, tell me which side it's on.

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If you haven't currently got a bike, but can remember which way they were on bikes you've had before then still do vote.

@EpicKitty Vote for right rear, left front then :3

This is a question basically for US layout, vs UK/Motorbike layout.

If you've got right rear only then you'd have front left

@EpicKitty I'd probably take mine off if it wasn't for traffic, and the fact I think that front brake only looks cool (so I'll do that if I have a fixie at any point)

In Germany, the streetworthyness rules demand two brakes at least on a bike. Fixies are illegal.

@wauz In the UK the fixie counts as a brake, so you're allowed a front brake only as backpedalling counts as one braking system. Do you have that too, or does it have to be two descrete brakes?

People ride brakeless fixies and BMXs all the time. Hell, I'm still rocking only a rear on my BMX :P

Backpedaling is legal brake. So bikes with hub gearbox have only a front brake extra. Some people install a back brake extra, when using trailers. So you don't need to wear out your hub.
Chain gear bikes must have front and rear brakes.
Actually, the police often doesn't care. So BMX and mountain bikes are often used, though not legal.

@MxCraven I had to pantomime braking because I couldn't remember without actually "trying" to brake

@cinebox Yeah, I have to as well. I also can't remember my left and right, which doesn't help...

@MxCraven i'm in northern europe, here it's front-left back-right. i'm high key thinking of switching them though, so that i can hold a drink in my right hand and still break the back wheel.

(i just recently got a chain gear bike and i really really miss pedal brake. on those i usually got rid of any hand brakes)

@MxCraven I do the US standard setup, which is left hand front brake. I always consider switching, since my motorbikes are opposite. I run a right hand front brake on fixed too because if I'm carrying something I like to hold it in my left and control the bike with my right

@Timmy We've had this conversation before, probably about 6 months ago, so you've not switched yet :P

But yeah, I cannot find the reason that the US uses right rear, but apparently a lot of the EU is starting to do it? So maybe it's becoming something to do with the roads?

@MxCraven the US arrangement is fucked though, it's that way because you're expected to signal with your left hand and people without good knowledge of how stopping a bike works decided you needed access to the "safe" lever while signaling

@MxCraven I'd kill myself if the brakes were inverted lol

@furi What does inverted mean to you though? What's normal?

But yeah, most people would probably wash out a few times :P

@MxCraven right for the back wheel, and left for the front wheel

@MxCraven circular brakes with front levers on left and right, here

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