So apparently there's a Discord alternative and I'm kind of in love with it.

Servers can be sub-divided into groups (functionally sub-servers) with their own sets of rooms.

In addition to voice and text chat rooms, you can have a community calendar, a "when you are free?"-type schedule, a place to upload images (and tag/search them) or documents (and allow anyone to edit them). You can also just create a forum.

Messages in the regular chat rooms, you can create threads that functionally go into subrooms for when multiple conversations are going on at once.

The only issue seems to be... no one I know wants to try using it. :V

But um, it seems really neat and I hope some people move to it in the future.


@The_T I think probably because it has no major selling point? It looks good, but like, it's not open source, it's not privacy focussed, and as much as all those great QOL and accessibility features are and should exist in many other places, it's not worth it for people to switch to it from Discord.

I hope some people grab a look, or guilded does something as a unique point

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@MxCraven Is Discord open source or privacy focused?

@The_T No, not at all, but that's my point. There's no major thing to gain from using this one over Discord.

90% of my complaints about Discord aren't just because it is Discord, they're because of what the software stuff is.

@MxCraven The reason to use this over Discord is it literally has every single feature I've been begging Discord to have. Clearer, more organized systems of communication with forums and calendars. Better grouping of rooms and categories.

Like your only argument seems to be "well I already use Discord and I can't use 2 programs at once" and like... why

@The_T I don't use Discord, and this has no real world value to me as someone who doesn't use Discord because this still won't respect my privacy, and still won't have open code.

As for being unable to use 2 programs, I have currently open: IRC, Matrix, Telegram, XMPP, Steam chat, and Fedi.

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