Tiddy mousepads are overrated. Using your GFs tits, and her tummie as a mousepad is where it's at.

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@eject Yeah, that might be an issue...

Could you grow a longer neck?

@eject You'd still need a longer neck, since the arm goes between the tits

@MxCraven if they're big enough that won't be an issue

@MxCraven I have spent too long wondering how viable this would be

@Dee Probably wouldn't make me any worse at clicking things

I think if they were wearing a shirt it'd be fine.

@MxCraven yeah, but if their shirt was loose enough it could move with mouse movement... and also, considering the surface isn't perfectly flat, the mouse could end up at odd angles where the sensor isn't pointing at a perpendicular surface

@Dee I've seen good Quake players playing with awfully cheap mice that barely worked on tables that were about as smooth as a rock face, so it can't be that bad

@MxCraven I do suppose even cheap optical mice are pretty good at doing mouse things

I dunno, I just don't know how good they are at soft, fleshy, and pliable surfaces
@MxCraven they're not very big, but it would be a data point
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