This is NOT a bike lane.

This is an excuse for drivers to closepass cyclists, and be able to say it's not their fault for hitting someone.

This bike lane runs from a train station, houses, and the centre of town, out to a school and shopping centre.

This isn't just not good enough. This is an insult.

This bike is a 1983 Royal Mail delivery bike. It was designed with the express purpose to travel the streets of the 1970s and 80s town and villages.

This town I live in was designed then.

This bike, a mere 40 years later, does not fit in on the streets it was designed to rule.

This is a travesty. This is a dystopia. This is not fucking good enough.

You say you want more people on bikes, and yet you do shit like this? This is why cyclists don't like bike lanes, and why drivers don't care about overtaking cyclists in dangerous ways.

This should fully be illegal.

Whoever designed this should be forced to use this bike lane, and not overstep the boundries, as cars rush by, and often pull out straight into the cyclist, every day of their life.

This bike lane runs straight into the back of a bus stop, then disappears, then goes onto the path, then comes back onto the road at a completely dangerous point (and while it's on the path it's dangerous to pedestrians)

This is NOT enough.

To make matters worse, this is more than we get most places. This is the gold standard where I live, and yet it's fucking deadly.

Do I need to take a picture of the roundabout outside my house, where the bike lane ends, goes onto the path, where it's a blind corner. It's downhill, and you can casually hit 20mph without trying, flick onto the path, and smash into a small child, most likely killing them


Because in town planning roundabouts are considered too dangerous for bikes to be on.

Or do I show my commute to work, getting constantly overtaken in dangerous locations, or just nipped past before a junction, or cars trying to fit down the traffic filters where I have right of way...

@MxCraven it's bad when that wouldn't even be considered a bike lane in the famously cycling-friendly (/s) country that is the US, that's basically just the gutter, for water and debris to wash off of the road surface

@bhtooefr Yeah... Considering half of it is filled with twigs that get brushed off the road, and that cars literally had to go wide to overtake me while I was setting that bike up... That's not good i hate this crap, all the "bike lanes" in my town are like this, just painted off dividers
even worse at intersections where they become dotted lines and cars can just pass in front of u

@MxCraven I believe the correct term for this is a "bike gutter".

@kornel It's a good job the trees on that road are evergreen because holy shit...

I honestly do not visually interpret that area as a place to cycle.
A safety distance between lanes and sidewalk? An area to put the draining holes? :breadthink:
Just to say, that it is so poor that it is far from recognizable.

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