You should all be glad that I'm leaving in a few minutes and can't watch this...

Sammy, from the Netherlands, who moved to the UK to study:

"yeah... bike lanes in the UK are not really a thing
thats why I kind of stopped using the bike when I came to the UK even though I bought one
feared for my fucking life every time I used it"

"Feared for my fucking life"

You know fucking what? I fear for my life every time I use my bike. I just push that fear out of the way because cycling is my life, and if I don't ride because I'm scared for my life, I have no life to be scared for.

I hold position against cars, I ride hard, I make sure that I control the flow of traffic because if I don't I'll shed blood over a bumper. I have to fight to not be overtaken on a blind corner, or over a bridge, and all it serves to do is make a car angry about me slowing them down.

I long for a day that people aren't scared to ride their bikes. A friend of my Mums came and rode my bike, consider taking it up as a sport over lockdown. She decided she was too scared on the roads. Now I realise what that meant. Now I know.

Now I realise that almost certainly the reason that both my Grandad's have given up cycling, is at least in part due to the roads and the unsafe cycling infrastructure we have.

Our lack of bike lanes has taken away cycling from the man who gave me cycling, and yes I can't see what I'm typing because I'm holding back tears because right now I'm admitting to myself finally that I'll probably never ride with my Grandad again...

We need cycle lanes, we need them so kids can safely get to school, we need them so adults can safely get to work, we need them to save the environment, to save our health, and to save our happiness.

We need bike lanes, and safer cycling infrastructure, and a community built not around cars but around people. And we fucking need it because I don't want anyone to have to say they can't actually remember the last time they rode with the person who supported them the most in cycling... This part needs a private post, but what's here needs to light a fire under anyone who is able to fight for safer cycling infrastructure because they'll build it for cars, but not for people.

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Can I boost this yet, because this is the eternal fucking mood right now...

I, someone from the UK, who cycles daily, would love a lane like that.

Someone from the Netherlands who cycles sometimes thinks it's not even barely passable.

I looked at it, and went "Hmm, that's a really good bike lane". It's the best I've seen in the UK honestly... And yet if I objectively looked at it, with what I'd want out of a bike lane, it *barely* passes...

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Upgraded seat on the Grandad Bike.

Had to hammer on a seatpost clamp to get this seat to fit, and I'm not sure I've tightened it down quite enough to stop it moving, but nothing on this bike is siezed on somehow... It's incredible...

This is a huge improvement to the bike, and I actually really like how it looks honestly.

"The UK looks like an old witch sitting sideways on a pig"

That might be the best description of TERF island I've ever heard...

The latest addition to the crew.

I'm not quite sure what's next, but a clean is first.

The Gamer Binary

Ignoring (including but not limited to), gamepad, wheel, wiimote, dancemat, bongos, voice commands, ESDF, RDFG (and all other positional moves of WASD for more access to keys), the arrow keys on the numpad, keypad controllers (Like the Logi G13), and many more...

I am the fucking deity of bad titles

Anyway, live soon or whatever the cool good streamers say

The Mario Kart Players Page forums (1990s Yahoo) allow you to have "Variable" gender, why doesn't your modern app that uses 1GiB+ of RAM?

Oh get fucked

That's literally the difference between the wheelie that can happen on the last straight, but i didn't get because of unlucky bouncing.

This game *actually* hates me personally...

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