I'm curious to see how many people do these things to compare them to each other, please check all that apply if you do them regularly (boosts appreciated)

i say a rude word for genitals again 

@sunsetmoth I want an expansion to a game called "The Fuckpocalypse"

Or at least like, a map

i say a rude word for genitals 

@sunsetmoth Lilith has always been the most confusing... Especially since Lilith sounds like that one FF7 character, is a very strange mod for ZDoom...

If riley played a wind instrument that'd be a sub tooting

Reminder that I'm streaming the World E-Bike Series World Cup this weekend, and I'd like people to watch it and let me know how it all is because I think these events should be televised (and IDK how to reach a bigger audience really)

@The_T I don't use Discord, and this has no real world value to me as someone who doesn't use Discord because this still won't respect my privacy, and still won't have open code.

As for being unable to use 2 programs, I have currently open: IRC, Matrix, Telegram, XMPP, Steam chat, and Fedi.

@The_T No, not at all, but that's my point. There's no major thing to gain from using this one over Discord.

90% of my complaints about Discord aren't just because it is Discord, they're because of what the software stuff is.

@The_T I think probably because it has no major selling point? It looks good, but like, it's not open source, it's not privacy focussed, and as much as all those great QOL and accessibility features are and should exist in many other places, it's not worth it for people to switch to it from Discord.

I hope some people grab a look, or guilded does something as a unique point

I managed to fuck the reliability of a bombproof bike by replacing a broken inner tube...

If it's only slightly broke, don't fix it.

Oh, and money... Money is why this people (who is a very nice straight person) is tough right now...

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If people didn't exist my life would be so much better

As long as catgirls, boys, and enbies, and wolves, and... I think my issue might be that straight (derogatory) people exist

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@trickster My Dad, after asking the echo to play music because the prime video on TV has stopped working due to Internet outage.

On your bicycle, which way round are the brake levers?


If you've only got one brake, tell me which side it's on.

Time Attack/Speedrun Community (Matrix Link) 


If you like time attacking or speedrunning and want people to talk to about it all, and breaking records, and all that. Maybe you play a niche game and there's nobody to celebrate achievements or despair with. Come over here, we're friendly!

(Please boost this, because I'm mostly doing this because *I* need people to talk to...)

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@pluralistic And remember to thank the people, because companies are collections of people.

We need to stop saying "Activision bad" and "Google bad" because yes, as a whole they are, but there are real people making those bad descisions, and in the times the company is good it's real people trying to do better, and we should thank the people.

@shoofle @FirstProgenitor Plastic is made from oil, so he has to because sponsorship obligations.

I think one of the pidgeons carrying my Internet packets has fallen.


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