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i honestly didn't use to care as much about language used in this reagard

but it's really not that hard to change ableist language. it takes time and effort, yes, but it's not difficult

ludicrous, silly, absurd, indescribable, ridiculous, and many more will fit where you use "casually" ableist words

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leftists read this and stop being ableist 

leftists say this with me:

calling people in the capitalist and political class "dumb" "mad" "crazy" "bonkers" "thick" "stupid" "insane" etc etc is ableism.

everytime you do this you reinforce the idea that there is an equivalence between being harmful, dangerous and evil with being neurodiverse.

this is empirically false (neurodiverse folk typically have very little power or status and are far more likely to be harmed by others than harmful themselves) and is actually a result of the very same domination by colonialism and capitalism that we're fighting.

just fucking stop.
capitalists/politicians are evil cause they're doing evil stuff.

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a piping hot take on transmasc support 

"we support trans mascs!" really just comes across as "please don't forget we support you too haha" when like. we wouldn't be out here forgetting if non transmasc people actually engaged with us on issues or took accountability for when their behavior hurts as lmao

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a piping hot take on transmasc support 

posts that are just like "i love trans men!", very frequently not even posted by trans masc people, always get way more attention and boosts than actual posts we write on how the community fails transmascs and, that does not whip imo

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okay i cant find the post so im just going to re-write it. trans masc pol 

I appreciate all the rallying behind trans masc people today but i want to make something abundantly clear

i dont need people to "not all men" for me. i internalized this before i transitioned, but i have always understood jabs at men not meaning that all men do [thing] but simply that 99% of people who do [thing] are men. it does not offend me. i really dont care. most of the time, i agree.

and instead of getting mad at random people for venting about men, i would much rather we put our energy into reshaping trans spaces that are so hostile to masc folks. say cis men when you mean cis men. dont say that T is poison. dont conflate "trans" with "trans woman." dont create dichotomies in the trans community to exclude trans masc people. i could go on and on you get my point.

we're in this together, and everything i do is to try to bring us together without pretending we're the same. we can acknowledge our different needs and experiences without excluding eachother.

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Because I'm angry how the discussion with Jason Robinson, developer of #socialhome went, I'll do an outcall:

He is an (unintentionally) racist that is wiping off the history of the Sámi people and the colonisation done by finnland the state he feels part of.
In case you want to educate yourself on that, here’s a 5min. long video. No excuses of unintentional racism!!!

He describes Europe as nations that others should follow. Criticism of Europe moving towards authoritarian, and more racist politics and their colonialists origin that still holds until today he waters down with, that there is no alternative. And quote: “But you can't just go around criticising everything.”

Yes I can. I openly criticize your (unintentionally) racism.

Naming the Alternative Rojava (and several others) results in him claiming it’s not an alternative, because of imperialists such as Europe nations attacking them by proxy.

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ukpol, "clap for carers" 

"If you’re going to clap on your doorstep, use the opportunity to talk to your neighbours. Challenge their complacency. Politicise the issue and push for action."

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I want to remind that #EUnomia is a research project funded with around 3 millions, also aiming to investigate the #fediverse.

companies leading #projectEUnomia are also involved in:

- mass surveilience
- military and law enforcment
- developing strategies and tools countering mass movements
- countering local journalism with clickbait

@Gargron is/was on their pay check with at least €63,290.

several month ago I made some research about them and puplished it here:
there's also an easy to remember shortlink available:

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mass surveilliance and Gargrons collaboration as/with bootlickers 

I've spoke about it already and will do it again and again.

The people/companies
@Gargron works with for #EUnomia are also involved in the following:

- COCOON project (€277K), coordinating work in emotion-aware cyber threat detection in smart homes,

- TRILLION project (€334K) on the secure collaboration of citizens and law enforcement agencies via social networks

- ECENTRE to develop cyber-profiling mechanisms with applications in cybercrime prevention and forensics. The challenge is to profile the human behind a cyber-attack based on real-time data

- INSPEC2T, developing "a sustainable framework for Community Policing that effectively addresses and promotes seamless collaboration between the police and the community."


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Leftist Meta, Combating Euro and America Centrism. :x 

Europeans and Americans don't hold a monopoly on ideology. And alot of anarchists are neither and don't always call themselves anarchists because they have their OWN word for the same basic idea.. :/

That doesn't mean they aren't one of us. It means they have different material conditions and different ideas we can consider and discuss.

If we can't get out of the idea of the 'western' world being where all the 'great men are.' We are just gonna repeat colonialism.

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Selfie no ec boosts good 

My phone camera wont pick up the fuckin ton of glitter on my face but whatevs

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