"Okay I'm done playing for the night, just gonna put this down and go to bed"

*keeps playing and changes outfits again*


also it never fails to make me laugh that the game treats fridges as closets :p like

yeah I GUESS its a food closet but like. come on hehe


animal crossing give me more cans so I can make more succulents challenge 2020

re: acnh 

ask and ye shall receive

i now have like 4 or 5 cans lol :3

re: acnh 

ive got an unfinished puzzle in the shop today and something about that is really just making me laugh.

re: acnh 

had a friend over to my island earlier today
showed him around.

he shook a tree and some money fell out

told him that money trees were our main cash crop

re: acnh 

i also showed him my house
and the two bugs i have on display (tarry the tarantula and stacy the orchid praying mantis)

i explained to him how tarry is my guardian
and how stacy is their ex wife
which is why they live on opposites sides of the room.

re: acnh 

yes that is their backstory.
no it was not a bit.

this was premeditated

re: acnh, screenshot 

currently writing the novel based Tarry and Stacy's story

i'll call it
"A Bug's Life"

wholly original.
do not steal.

re: acnh, screenshot, lewd adjacent, silly 


i will NOT include a steamy sex scene.
this will NOT be that kind of novel.

re: acnh 

ive been shaking the nursery trees as a joke
and whenever i do im always like

"better get used to this, punk."
im a tree bully

re: acnh 

oh my god you can customize the cartoonist's set to have like comic panes and even custom messages oh my goddddddddd

re: acnh 

i wish i could art
cause i would put something on it ;w;

re: acnh 

also i think its silly that squids have like 3-4 different texts you get when you catch one

re: acnh, silly 

*in the writing room*
"okay everyone has to turn in their fishing puns....
terrance, why do you have.,... 30 for squids?"
"i dont know, they just kept flowing"
"dammit, all of these are gold.
they are ALL going in."

re: acnh 

frita is singing to the flowers and river and its so cute ;w;

re: acnh, screenshot, fish 

holy FUCK i caught a CHONKER

re: acnh 

big aquarium tanks in the museum!!!!!!
are getting filled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

re: acnh 

friend came and hung out on my island for a bit
she just ran in started stealing fruit and flowers lol

re: acnh, screenshots 

been playing with friends.

had a nice pleasant trip to the museum.

re: acnh, screenshots 

my friend offered me apples.
and didnt give them.

maybe i came on too strong

re: acnh, screenshots 

@compufox WOW
You are *such* a dork uwu

re: acnh, screenshots 

@compufox its *very* cute uwu;;

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