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I bet the dessert dwelling people have sand for desert.

You know, because everything is sand

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Imagine being a capitalist conservative at a dinner party. shoving all the food you can find at the party into a big bag so you can have for yourself.

If i shoot someone through the phone will they die?

I want to hold sans tight and stroke his calcium appendages.

bet they are reall smooth

karl marks is friggin santa.

flying around giving presents for free

mah bois and mah girls (*dab*) how ave ya'll been d'oin on McDonalds monday /trademarked/

i sure darn was did sure fine mah bois and girls it's goD daMN TAKO BELL TUESDAY /TRADEMARKED/

CAntwait for walmart wednesdesday gotta go shopping to cook some gooood beaaannnns
:bakedbeans: :heart_trans:

Do ya'll eat your milk with or without the sauce?

Asking for a friend

You know, i dont think i look that bad if you look at me from a distance, in the dark, with your eyes closed.

Spongebob is the Messiah

Prove me wrong atheists

When life gives you apples
You make applenade

I have come to the conclusion that the dominoes counterpart to Ronald Mcdonald shall be called Roland Mcdoughballs

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"