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transphobes, good news Show more

Being straight is nothing to be ashamed about ♥️

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how to train your dragon is an amazing film.

i wanna watch 2# so that i can watch the 3rd film in the cinema with my little cousin

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in 1957 the BBC had a program on april 1st claiming spaghetti was grown on trees.

the more you know 🌟

Some think it's eerie

But I think it's grand

The intersex bird

Has zero wingspan

I'm got that good homemade lasaga.

My cousin is a communist.

play a hat in time, it's good.

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gender: yes
pronouns: sure, why not?
sex: no problem

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salty potato slices heated to high temperature in cooking agent are a wonderful snaccc to devour during the completely normal persons work routine.

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"