Be sure to get a part of all for of the 4 food groups in your diet.

and Oil

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i like to live life on the edge

as ghandi once said: "14 agility"

Oh gosh oh hecc.
It's heccin birb hours my dudes

Sometimes, when i get really hungry, i feel like i can eat a whole bean

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expect me
to thOUGHT????????

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us mastodon 🤝 europe mastodon

founding an island commune
in the middle of the
atlantic ocean
where we can all
hang out

Harr'lakk the Riftsplitter of infernius has gone through my rubbish again.

Does anyone know how to demonproof your bins?

Beans dont exist and you've never seen one

i like tubes, the blood tubes are my favorite tube

hey gaymers i play roonskap anymone play rusnkeap with me?

My favorite president is Mcdonalds trump

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"