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OK so Cheese with holes in it

I dont understand how this works exactly

If i eat a load of holy cheese wont my tummy just be filled with holes now?

This idea terrifies me :bigyoshi:

Wall of text and migration my account 

i have confirmed that the entire outside is wind

I dread my upcoming attempts to install Huion drivers on ubuntu

I am thinking or redrawing my profile pic or just using a different one...

im passing a bill through congress to replace all the water with piss

*>crunches pinkie and ring finger on the door handle*

oww this hurr >*crunches same fingers on the sink*

;-------;;-;;;;;;;;-;-; :blobcatfearful: :blobcathyper:

I am in incredible pain

What I'm trying to say is: transboys are valid as heck 💕

I tripped and now accidentally raised the dead and i dont know what to do.

Why must i be so clumsy :blobcatdab:

Computers are both easy and hard at the same time. I need to absorb all this info into my tiny brain to make things happen, and then it's easy once you know it.

I however know very little and am dying inside and nothing works

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"