Really cool to have sweeties who get excited about and wants to hear about my dates with other people :3

If I ever see someone on a dating app who uses in-lens effects instead of shitty filters in their photos, I'm gonna hit their DMs so hard.

Grown-ass women looking at me with furrowed brows and a slack jaw will never not be utterly hilarious tbh.

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hi if you're gay, anywhere near Sheffield and you wanna cuddle me, you have to tell me :bakedbeans:

the traces and colours art of the funny Linux fox smoking a joint -> cute enby finds it and introduces themselves -> cute enby's friend also introduces herself -> want to fly to California pipeline

Turning OKC up to 50 miles radius and it's like "how about Wrexham, that's only 90 miles away in a different country"

Multiple sources online swearing by this fix but eh I am a tad skeptical right my tbh

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Well I put sugru on my pebble watch to fix the face falling off but I must've fucked it up somehow because it just hasn't stuck at all ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyway I've lived in the UK for my entire life and I can finally point to the Humber on a map.

Wait what, Labour denied a bunch of gc turds a spot at the conference?

Do I dare to feel even a sliver of hope for the future?

Apparently people don't realize that I'm wearing a wig until I bring it up???

OH from my Mums podcast meditation thing: "You are juicy, wholesome, and sexy"

Basically my approach to fashion right now is "fuck it, you only get to go through puberty twice"

It's fucking wild that other people get nervous about dates with me. Polar reversal since before I started transitioning.

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