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financial assistance :((( 

i hate to do this again but rent is almost due and i still haven’t been able to work because of bad mental health and now i’m physically ill so that’s going to delay any sort of work by another couple of days. im trying to find a job if anyone knows anyone who needs remote work done i can uh,,,, type really fast i guess lol. feel free to dm me if you have any job related things!! i’m in the process of applying for financial assistance from the state but i haven’t had the time or energy to fill out the application yet. :(((

please help me

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i'm here

i'm queer

prolonged social interaction fills me with immense existential fear

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A comic. A girl's brain says mastodon. She is unfased and says "i love that". The girl's brain then says heterosexuality, which mortifies her.

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Selfies, EC 

Guess who did their eyebrowns in the car and still looks fire?!? #finefemmefriday redux

@readytherhinos re re
Happy Birthday my love!!! :blobcatheart:

Me: calling out food orders

My Manager: "eat a dick"

Me: "I will later... right now I don't have time"

My manager: 😂😂😂

1 ticket at a time all night soo far this is torture and not the fun kind :blobcathappy:

Soo bored at work.... such a slow night. :blobcatfacepalm:

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i find it very interesting that consent is mainly discussed within sexual scenarios

but i promise you need consent for any/every interaction online and offline. it’s not just for sex. it’s for hugs, for DMs, for flirting, for following, for collecting personal information too

just like. ask before doing things u giant doinks

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This is hilarious!

RT :birdsite: @joshmcconell

The pizza joint I went to framed a hole in the wall in the men’s washroom and called it “Fragile Masculinity”

Work Selfie!!! Could use some boosts... feeling quite dysphoric today.. didnt want to leave the house but gotta pay those bills....

I just had a dream where I was 14 and a cis girl.... oh dysphoria why do you have to mess with my head :blobcatmeltcry:

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