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introductory post :ablobslurp: 

Hiya I'm br0th (she/they), a sapphic trans gal! This primarily personal account will consist of queer shitposts, selfies, rambles about music and film, with hints of fashion and synth discussion thrown in!

Glad to join this instance and hope to meet some rad folks !

My roommate is giving me all his empty testosterone vials, im gonna make some stringlights

lesbians 🀝 bi and pan women
kissing (i love my gf so much)

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This is your sign to nuzlocke with your gf
Snuggle up, grab snacks and have a good run

nobody warned me that having a girlfriend would kickstart a pokemon hyperfixation

I really just opened up my laptop and thought I could fix it. oops it doesn't turn on anymore

COVID-19 Update 

well things are fucking bad here in california!!!

we’ve officially ratioed, are experiencing drug shortages for essential sedation medications, and in several areas, are now pronouncing people dead on scene instead of driving them to attempt complex resuscitation at ERs because we are Out Of Beds.

this is your reminder that if you have a moral obligation to do everything you can to prevent what is happening here happen to your community.

moving into a new place with my girlfriend soon :ablobcool:
im so excited I can be a domestic gay

just went to guitar center to pick up some TRS cables and had a really nice conversation about synths! they even thought my hair was cute which :blobcatblep:

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"