i have just discovered a new ability, the ability to elbow myself in the tits, oww!

like i only know one or two australians here, y'all know way more than i do

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could y'all do me a favour and boost this, even if you're not australian?

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keep forgetting to make toots public in public tootin' threads

srs, mh- 

uspol, shitpost 

Babylon 5, By Any Means Necessary 

You wouldn't download a car
You wouldn't render your landlord to make soap

Shout out to all the trans guys, girls and nonbys currently trapped in their home with a transphobe because of quarantine.

But especially to Lana who's stuck inside with her abusive grandmother who cares more about her dog than her actual family.

Y'all beautiful and deserve better. Don't give up.

my inexperience with seeing racism 

I just learned of the existence of bra extenders, finally a way to make bra fit my stupid body!

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"