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Now you could face god.. But it’s easier to just do a few accelerated back hops to skip that sequence

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If I can get a bunch of people to post “cute bridge good” without @‘ing itd be so neat

alright black and brown people today whites want you to prove your dedication to not performing ritual sacrifice. essay due in one day, minimum 500 words

legit tempted to play some monhun soon, what ver is everyone playing?

okay, come on down, i will take any genuine questions about ritual human sacrifice right now.

listen, i just want to talk

Laughing my ass off at people who brag about muting myass and playviscious like its something to be proud of

check out ritual sacrifice details in my account

Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz LITERALLY wrote a book called "All the Real Indians Died Off: And 20 Other Myths About Native Americans"

but yet some of y'all see fit to really say "it would be impossible to center indigenous people in environmental efforts cause....they're gone"

as if that isn't a myth perpetuated by settler colonialism........

wheeewww! the caucasity!

So I heard somebody turned up to help Bernie in LA and

on this instance we can either let people just get away with perpetuating racist shit about our friends on here or we get painted as dramatic shit stirrers. like what are we supposed to do

all we were trying to achieve is standing up for a friend to a shitty comment. not to make a stand or get clout or whatever. not really responsible for what white users do outside of here.

not really interested in clout anyway, the very thought of it makes me anxious.

here's him at the supermarket, trying to decide if pasta is what he wants to eat tonight

Me reading all the posts about white people on here

white people really out here worried about modern day human sacrifice happening. “the savages are awakening! grab the holy water!”

I feel like leaving the great Arab writer Usuqa Madiq out of all this discourse is eurocentrism and does great injustice to him and his disciples

wow the fediverse sure is scaring off a lot of white people. more space for me then i guess

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"