if you're drawing a human right now you should use this as an opportunity to learn how to paint Black and brown skin

step one:
get brown person color reference

step two:
color in the skin of your anime drawing

wow that was so hard ugh omg so many spoons used to learn how to literally color a different shade of human being when i draw everyone basically the same way

@cute if ppl can figure out drawing dragon scales and other elaborate shit in their art they can figure out how to draw and color a poc

@cute people act like learning how to draw brown & black ppl is rocket science!!!

@Leelums @cute its not but they dont always do it well. sometmes i rather htey didnt lol

@ArtistMarciaX @cute especially when they draw the ashy undead looking skin with obvious minstrel caricatures 🤢 🤢 🤢

@Leelums @cute Yup. Like all other things related to skin, undertones are grossly forgotten and ppl don't know what they're doing.

not that its hard, but it takes training. and training is not to be taken for granted

@Leelums white people freaking out about drawing Black and brown skin honestly lead me to avoid working in color for a long time. then i touched on it and realized that white skin isn’t some magical color tone that is easier to work with than Black or brown skin. its almost like color theory is just something artists should learn instead of arbitrarily excluding entire masses of people

@cute literally when i took art classes in grade school they just never used any brown or black models. and it's not like there weren't brown or black students in these classes... it's not that it's harder to draw darker skin tones there is just a shit ton of racism and colorism in arts in general and the way it's taught!

ever since i was a kid i had to train myself how to draw dark skin despite having classes in school and that's a shame

@Leelums i'm so thankful to live in the internet age because god damn have Black and brown people been making sure that tutorials on how to color Black and brown skin exist

@cute I have tried before. It's a combination of colors, isn't it?

@cute I could also ask one of my friends to model for me if they were ok with it!

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