Sounds of Synergy live in 5 minutes on

This week's show theme: J-Core, mainly from θcomplex and TANO*C

Sounds of Synergy live in 5 minutes on

I have no predetermined theme this show, I just threw some songs from my library together and hopefully its enjoyable.

Bring back IRC support channels

I don't want to have to join your Discord or make a Matrix account to look for an answer to a question

I gave komorebi+yasb a try for a week and sadly there's too much jank with it to justify its speed increase over bug.n

So now I'm back to using bug.n for the time being

a fork of a library with a one line change locked behind an ssh key...

worst part is i technically cant do anything about it because i'm not the domain holder anymore, its on a friends account because i couldn't renew it for almost 3 years

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it'd be even funnier if they tried to call me when i haven't had that phone number for 6 years, its just a phone number that sat on my namecheap account

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i don't get that if the reason my .us domain is not propagating dns is because of fake info:

1. why did they not email me
2. why did they not do it day fucking one and instead 4 years later is preventing records from propagating it seems, cool.

i exist again

last instance died cause pleroma on low-spec hardware sucks and the db got overfilled after federating with an instance

is not alive

timeline's always dead 'round these parts