@ocdtrekkie @da_shared_z0ne it depends on what you're trying to save and what it's for (although PNG is versatile and usually better than JPG)
if I'm downloading pictures for art refs, I don't want an SVG (especially bc the sort of pic I need wouldn't be able to be vector anyway, so to be saved as an SVG it would be like... XML with a bitmap embedded in it lol) and a JPG is fine

@da_shared_z0ne Sorry, webp kind-of the future tbh. Lossless, lossy and animations all in one format with equal or better compression than JPGs (similar or better quality) and PNGs. Too tempting for us web developers, it even rivals SVGs for some of our icons....

@da_shared_z0ne <screetching voice> NO! JPEG WAS ALREADY OUTMODED BY THE YEAR 2000!

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