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uhhhh for future referance heres a fuckin TIERLIST of which terms to use for me and which not! pinning this and yeah

astro tier: femboy/boi, dyke*, tranny**,

s++: fag**, girl, boi*, they/them pronouns (english and german), he/him pronouns**,

good: bro***, enby, transfem, fem, fem-connotated compliments, ze/hir pronouns, es/ihr pronouns(german), sie/ihr pronouns(german), queer, genderqueer, boy*

meh: femme, she/her pronouns, it/its pronouns, butch, ,

used without regard to gender: dude, sis

bad: woman, anything masc lol, most masc-connotated compliments, queen, king,

i will choose violence: man, guy, bro (coming from cis dudes specifically), er/ihm pronouns(german), mr., dragqueen,

(* - only use if you are some layer of queer yourself | ** - only use if youre trans yourself | *** - only use if youre transfem yourself)

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btw uh migrated my nsfw alt over to

mutuals feel free to follow uwu @haxdrugsnrocknroll

i am filled with seething rage @ bitlocker and secureboot

not even getting rid of windows is pleasant gdi

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this bitch got the moderna drip


Statement unserer Pressesprecherin um ca. 19h. Autoritäre Gesetze sind nicht hinnehmbar!

++2001++ Ihr fragt euch zurecht wie die Cops diesen zweistündigen Kessel rechtfertigen? Drei Bengalos und zu hoch gehaltene Transpis...ohne Scheiß. #dus2606

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on that note please someone give me a good usable alternative for serato on linux

like, good open source alternatives to ableton & fl kinda exist now (like id ever try making music anyways lmao adhd) but djing software


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rare hackerenby frustrated at dumb windows updates taking forever

In Germany, police yesterday forbid the travel of a group, including parliamentarians and @ende_gelaende activists, on their way to join the #Delegation4Peace in South Kurdistan, which is currently under attack from Turkey.

With this act, the German state is legitimizing the warfare, in which German weapons are also being used. The attack is part of Erdogans wider war of expansion, which is particularly affecting the Kurdish areas around Turkey.

Press releases in German from
@FAU :
and Ende Gelände:

only wearing mesh shirts as sleep shirts for this edition of hot enby summer

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something comrades found out: liquid liner holds a phone number better than any pen I've tried, including the "tattoo pen"

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it's called ketamine and not hetamine for a reason 😩

adhdposting, shitpost-ish 

(now i found it hence im able to post!)

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*to the tune of pixies - where is my mind*
🎶where is my phone
where is my phone
where is my phone
where is my phone🎶

job search for Linux sysadmin, boost+ :boost_ok:​ 

Dear friends,

I’m a Brazilian immigrant and trans woman, looking for a new job in Germany. Been doing Linux sysadmin’ing since 2001. I have experience also with programming, tech writing and translation.

The job needs to be registered locally in Germany. I’m living in the country since 2017, and I can commute in the NRW area or work remotely.

I’m fluent in English, know Japanese, and my German is currently at B2.

For CV and personal info DM me.

Thanks everybody for boosts and references!

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