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uhhhh for future referance heres a fuckin TIERLIST of which terms to use for me and which not! pinning this and yeah

astro tier: femboy/boi, dyke*, tranny**,

s++: fag**, girl, boi*, they/them pronouns (english and german), he/him pronouns**,

good: bro***, enby, transfem, fem, fem-connotated compliments, ze/hir pronouns, es/ihr pronouns(german), sie/ihr pronouns(german), queer, genderqueer, boy*

meh: femme, she/her pronouns, it/its pronouns, butch, ,

used without regard to gender: dude, sis

bad: woman, anything masc lol, most masc-connotated compliments, queen, king,

i will choose violence: man, guy, bro (coming from cis dudes specifically), er/ihm pronouns(german), mr., dragqueen,

(* - only use if you are some layer of queer yourself | ** - only use if youre trans yourself | *** - only use if youre transfem yourself)

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btw uh migrated my nsfw alt over to

mutuals feel free to follow uwu @haxdrugsnrocknroll


yeah so my char in ff14 is lowkey fashion goals

got called malewife earlier and that gave me gender euphoria why am i

is it wrong to pick up trannies at the endocrinologist

(im definitely a tranny you can pick up @ the endo btw)

yo is anyone here playing ff14 btw

hmu (playing on primal - leviathan)

selfie, ec, highkey a thirst trap, boosts ok 

what i wanted: do the one productive thing

what i got: hours of procrastination leading into taking hot & cool pictures of me

one day i will become an actual tran and play fallout new vegas

I am a genderqueer femboy who wants to fuck demons I have thoroughly rejected the kingdom of god ma'am

@julialuna fembies will literally befriend a crow instead of going to therapy

facebook but its DNS servers are decentralized and work through crypto and gaming

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