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day [¿] of isolation

made an nsfw alt over at @haxdrugsnrocknroll for thirstposting, probably lewds, dunno what exactly lol

probably gonna accept anyone im mutuals with or remotely know anyways so uh yea

actually i think logical fallacies are good. logical fallacies are the only valid arguments. if your argument isn't a logical fallacy i don't believe it


kinda not really dealing well with a bunch of close friends all starting to have jobs and stuff

meanwhile im just here like "lmao ill just keep on fucking around at university forever"
(not really from a wanting to work for a wage standpoint, rather bc our lives are gonna look very different very soon i guess)

OH: "Ah, fefe. Proudly made without brain."

your local "hi i listen to a lot of music"-persons psa:

listen to destroy boys (esp their album sorry mom)

spotify clippy: it seems you have listened to the same song on repeat 17 times. are you going through some shit

> yes > no

software is over

there is no more software

its gone

Twitter, in the form of a little crying corgi: #AllCountriesMatter

Mastodon. in the form of a big muscular corgi: #DeathToAmerica

is the new and emergent cake meme a case of meme hauntology

so you like Africa? name five things that a hundred men or more could never do

It is a choice to be transgender. Being transgender is a deliberate ideological statement, a revolutionary opposition to the family and sexual structures fundamental to the perpetuation of capitalist exploitation.

“Passive transness” is nothing but a commitment to coasting on privilege. It is not available to a large swath of your siblings.

Now is the time for destructive transgender ideology.

philosophy speedrunning revolutionized with the discovery of the "skip of theseus"

literally could use all that Harass Trans Women energy to set up an autonomous zone in your local city, kids.

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my aesthetic is like
cyberpunk but with solarpunk ethics

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"