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uhhhh for future referance heres a fuckin TIERLIST of which terms to use for me and which not! pinning this and yeah

astro tier: femboy/boi, dyke*, tranny**,

s++: fag**, girl, boi*, they/them pronouns (english and german), he/him pronouns**,

good: bro***, enby, transfem, fem, fem-connotated compliments, ze/hir pronouns, es/ihr pronouns(german), sie/ihr pronouns(german), queer, genderqueer, boy*

meh: femme, she/her pronouns, it/its pronouns, butch, ,

used without regard to gender: dude, sis

bad: woman, anything masc lol, most masc-connotated compliments, queen, king,

i will choose violence: man, guy, bro (coming from cis dudes specifically), er/ihm pronouns(german), mr., dragqueen,

(* - only use if you are some layer of queer yourself | ** - only use if youre trans yourself | *** - only use if youre transfem yourself)

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btw uh migrated my nsfw alt over to

mutuals feel free to follow uwu @haxdrugsnrocknroll

*knocks your glass of water over while keeping eye contact*

§129 kennen wir schon – Feuer und Flamme der Repression!

intersectional feminism? alright, good even

insurrectional feminism? now were talking

trans women can literally do any crime and it's fine

dumb homestuck bullshit 

interesting that the original trolls characterization was based off early 2000s forum archetypes but still make sense to people who didnt live through 2000s forums while the dancestors were based off 2010s tumblr archetypes and they absolutely do not make sense if you didnt live through it

you email my wife, i female my wife (it's a force fem thing you wouldn't understand)

haben wir noch pepps? 

keine mehr? gar nix mehr? gar keine mehr? gar kein pepps mehr? zwei noch?

I would definitely not be as interested in math if I hadn't been too stupid to put clothes on the right way round for my whole life long. this is not a joke. nothing primes you for group theory like constantly getting your clothes inside out and backwards or limbs through the wrong hole and having to laboriously and consciously figure out how to fix it

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so if im a catboy who takes ketamine

does that make me a ketboy

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Guide to the four types of estrogen:

Estrone (E1): anarchist programmers
Estradiol (E2): hyperpop producers
Estriol (E3): youtube video essay creators
Estetrol (E4): furry artists

whos gonna do my "world cold and hard tiddy warm and soft" tattoo now btw

selfie, ec in pic 1, boosts ok 

been a hot minute since i aestheticposted i guess

hehe im still hot :>

leaving me alone w stick and poke equipment do be ending up like this

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"