selfie, ec, thirst trap, boosts ok 

hewwo fediverse its me doing the one thing i do best again (looking good & getting people to s i m p)

selfie, ec, boosts ok 

i literally dont stop getting hotter and hotter

boost to seize the means of nyaduction

gender shitpost, logic gates 

my gender, an approximation

selfie, ec, thirst trap, boosts ok 


post thirst traps

im hot

selfie, ec in pic 1, boosts ok 

been a hot minute since i aestheticposted i guess

hehe im still hot :>

leaving me alone w stick and poke equipment do be ending up like this

selfie, ec, boosts ok 

nothing unusual, just ur resident anarchist femboi catgirl blessing ur timeline


selfie, ec, boosts encouraged 

hi its "me being hot and cute" content again

boost if you hate cops

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"