I hate 12am, I hate 12pm, why would you make time so complicated. even if you insist on not using 24 hour time you could still have the hours be modulo 12. but no. the time can be 12 am, of course it can. fuck you.

sometimes I wish everyone would just shut the fuck up about their awful opinions on everything.

disgusting that I live in a country where neo-nazis can comfortably go protest with the law on their side, banning any counter protestors. so cool.

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swedish police don't give neo-nazis permission to demonstrate challenge (impossible)

rain is cool until you go for a walk and get every single piece of clothing soaked in cold water.

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I love being a girl it makes me so happy that I get to be pretty and have people call me a girl and to be in lesbian relationships, it's the best being a girl is awesome and if being trans was a choice I'd choose to be trans a million times over

anti-sweden propaganda being circulated in moscow is not good for my anxiety. I do not want to be invaded. please dont.

need to find myself a camera bad enough to be good, maybe a flipphone

basically just bragging, but I'm proud, ok. 

I only missed 1 point total this exam period. holy shit.

and generally just awful culture. twitch culture will ruin any good streamer when they go big enough

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why does twitch have to be so intertwined with pepe

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is not alive

timeline's always dead 'round these parts