rachel dumb baby not adult. time, stop moving on me!

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fuck I'm 19 in 2 days, then in a year I will be TWENTY WHAT THE FUCK

I hate how my brain constantly switches between thinking I am super smart and dumb as a rock

not funny 

ahegao is a sexpr

my brain is 2% neurons and 98% scrambled eggs

bad, no, no good, bad 

goatse hoodie

this is when I make fun of myself for being edgy, making me self aware and cool

angry ""art"", animated blood, aggresive? 

listen to machine girl :)

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angry ""art"", animated blood, aggresive? 

anger kill death blood smash my head into pieces

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lying face down on a pillow and making a distress noise every 30 seconds

growing up on the internet fucks you up.

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"