I like phonk but damn it's hard to find a good mix or something..

wore skirt to uni last 2 days, feels good.

love having a miniature breakdown everytime that I need to use the bathroom, thank you gender, very cool.

to fight gang related crime the goverment is looking into the possibility of removing the need for a warrant in order to enter peoples houses or conducting espionage. lovely. great.

I have an exam in five days, I have stress currently

the TA complimented my work and now I'm ego tripping

swedish politics 

love seeing the shattered majority right wing unify, wait, no I don't. :))))))

girlfriend posting 

I love my girlfriend

I like being gay and having all my gay friends and going around being gays

really bad god awful joke, genitals 

gussy (girl pussy)

girlfriend posting 

I really like my girlfriend, shes really cool and nice and funny and cute and hot and fills my life with color and I just can't contain it she's just amazing.

could horns and catears fit in the samr head? asking for a friend.

feeling oddly self confident today, that's cool

girlfriend posting 

I love my girlfriend

selfie, ec, boosts ok 

when the haj is blå


spent the entire day failing to solve a math problem and now I feel like total worthless garbage

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