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my school requires us use windows or mac os but i might just put arch on my laptop and use a windows vm because fuck that shit

re-uploading this since it didn't get any traction last time lol

i made a scorbunny pride flag a lil while ago because i was bored

this motherhecking scorbunny right here? :scorbunny:

not only is she hella trans

but she's also hella lesbian

sorry to bother you , all caps 

i like this movie a lot more now

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sorry to bother you , all caps 

this is a furry movie now.

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sorry to bother you , all caps 




why does trump hate pence or whatever now

what is fucking happening

If it were Antifa storming congress, there would be a hail of rubber bullets right now. If it were Black Lives Matter, I don't think they would be rubber.

how are people surprised when they figure out that america is fascist, when they literally had to stand at attention and pledge undying allegiance to the state every single morning in fucking kindergarten

ah yes, relateable. i too struggle with setting up internet on my amiga os computer

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"