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Hello! im gray and this is my private alt for posting about private things. you're not my real mom and can't tell me what to do.

im trying to keep this separate from my main so please don't blow my cover lmfao.

straight people just cant post "boys,,," or "girls...." like the gays can

Been thinking about this for a while 

an episode of Seinfeld where George becomes the confidant of a person he poops next to frequently in a two-stall bathroom, as they have similarly timed bowel movements. But he only ever sees their shoes. They share advice and heartfelt moments over the course of a week. Finally, at the end of the episode, President Obama (who has been in NYC all week) is giving an address on live TV. George suddenly sits up and squints at Obama’s shoes. The outro music plays.

for those who are newer and maybe don't knwo the history Anna, the admin of, is a racist. there have been MANY times this has become a public and clear issue, anybody who defends her is complicit in that racism. she went after a black gay man who was big on twitter and made an instance here, I believe his name was Jovan or something similar I can't recall off the top of my head and it was like literally over a year ago. Following that Anna attacked the admin of Play Vicious for being 'aggressive' and all other extremely racist coded language which she used when talking about him, he has been one of the key black educators in this site for white people and does an awesome job. then there's the infamous Hapsburg ghost lady (look, don't ask this post will be too long if you do) who threw around extremely racist terms against Latinx people and Anna IMMEDIATELY went to bat for her before reluctantly banning a clear fucking racist.

Anna is racist, if you federate with W.L you gotta accept THIS is what you're telling people you accept

walked to the gas station for cigs. a 30 min walk and realized halfway there that i have a fucking bike i could have taken lmfao

Sui tw 

taking a detour to specifically feel at home above the highway

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Sui tw 

Should i walk to the bridge maybe i won't go to the big one that's over the fast flowing water maybe just the highway pedestrian bridge

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Sui tw 

I want to walk to the bridge and stand over the highway imagining myself jumping off

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"