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if something i post is cwed with just "-" expect the worst

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stop doing reference counting

- references were never supposed to be counted
- hours of time spent refcounting with no use outside rust devs spiking compile times

"yes please give me a shitty thing that's worse than a garbage collector" - Statements dreamed up by the utterly deranged

LOOK what Rustaceans have been demanding your respect for all this time, with all the borrow checkers we built for them

let x = 4
let y = &x

"Hello I would like &variable please"
They have played us for absolute fools

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ph, gory 

hey all, hazel here
i stepped on a fucking knife

alright. i'm going to be opening registration when my DNS records finalize (in around 12 hours, so after i sleep).

i also need to look into a CDN.

ok is anyone willing to do social admin (not tech admin) for

for are you ok with me using s3 (bezossite) or should i use something else (comments would be nice!)

english instructor bringing up kropotkin during the discussion session

bless u

we support lgbt rights. we want to fuck everyone over, regardless of who they love or their gender identity. please clap

i understand why htdp stratifies the languages but it's frustrating to write in BSL when you know too much

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also we can finally use lambda
finally i get a sane programming environment

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finally they are letting me use map/filter/fold in my intro to CS class

give it like a week and they'll have a gitlab/gitea instance up i swear to god

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chill about youtube-dl, they'll probably find some other git hosting site. just because the RIAA is shit doesn't actually mean the program is *dead*

if it's a CS professor and they ask what the issue is the answer is always "wifi firmware"

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as much as i hate online school it's so nice to have the universal excuse of "technical issues" whenever i miss class

it is not only moral to pirate, it is your moral duty to pirate

selfie, eye contact, boosts welcome 

Hi I'm cute gimme boosts

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