@hazel anyone else go to grade schools with these ceiling tiles and have people throw pencils like darts to get them to stick up there?

@cdmnky @hazel Our instant thought upon seeing that pic: "Is this a school?"

Glad to see we're not alone in that thought. XD

@cdmnky @hazel yep! also: those sticky gel hands you used to get out of capsule machines; a slice of processed cheese

the cheese turned green but never came down

@ida @cdmnky at the beginning of the year (i'm in hs) there were paper darts all over the freshman building

@hazel @ida we used to make these rubber band slingshots by hot gluing binder clips to mechanical pencils

the administration started classifying them as weapons and having people arrested :/

@ida @hazel before vapes got age gated they classified them as drug possession and treated them like they were heroine lmao

glad I'm out of there

@cdmnky @ida i'm so ready to be out of here tbh, only a few more months

@hazel @ida these things were fucking amazing lol

they shot with the force of rubber bullets

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