it is your moral obligation to use firefox


also for the record people talk about brave browser like it's some kind of last word of privacy

1. it's a chromium fork
2. brendan eich is a homophobe
3. the fact that it uses cryptocurrency/blockchain trash and also hammers it in your face that it's "privacy-focused" is SUCH a spook

as a general rule of thumb if your software is repeatedly telling you how secure and private it is every 5 minutes, it's probably not

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@hazel glances meaningfully toward signal private messenger

@00dani signal uses play services so it's moot lol

i still use it since it's a good sms app, and *some* encryption is better than *none*

@hazel @00dani It's centralized, with servers in the US. Dunno how I feel about that tho.

@hazel @00dani is “uses play services” a nullifier of claims because it could hypothetically expose messages processed by it to interception by google in some way?

@hazel firefox used to tell me this all the time, heh... and it only got slower and worse looking since ff45 (around when I stopped using it)

I'd change your first post to "It's your moral obligation to use a gecko derivative", as for many people, firefox stopped being the way to go A LONG TIME AGO.

@hazel Completely agree on Brave and it irks me so much that I see it recommended so often.

Firefox is my daily driver, but what I'd really much rather is something entirely community controlled, non-corporate, that doesn't have any direct influence from Google. (i.e. the $300 million paid to Mozilla p/yr).

There are some solid browsers built on WebKitGTK, but my reason for holding back is all the security & privacy plugins I can't use without Firefox, like uBlock Origin and Privacy Badger. :(


Yes. Exactly that. Maybe we should get our ____ together and figure out how to make a browser on par with Firefox or Chromium that is community-funded (meaning "libre" but probably not "gratis") and doesn't rely upon Google money this way or the other. Right now, this unfortunately is pretty much hypocrisy. 😟


@z428 @hazel I know @alcinnz is already doing some great work on his browsers Odysseus and Rhapsode, and @cassidyjames is working on Ephemeral. There's also Basalisk, Falkon and a few others.

How realistic would support for Firefox or Chromium plugins be in a WebKitGTK based browser?

@freedcreative Yeah, these are pretty good starting points in my opinion; also training myself to use tools like Ephemeral or Epiphany more in day-to-day life. Difficult, though, for some of my day-to-day use cases (like *cough* Microsoft Teams that doesn't even work in Firefox at the moment...).

@hazel @alcinnz @cassidyjames

@freedcreative (As for plugins: Personally, I would pretty much prefer a browser having things such as adblocking, fingerprinting protection, enforced HTTPS or "decentraleyes" baked-in by default. Always feeling a bit sceptical from a security point of view to add third-party plugins that could in this way or the other interfere with my browsing behaviour... 😉 )

@hazel @alcinnz @cassidyjames

@z428 @hazel @alcinnz @cassidyjames Good point. Still, maintaining a browser is a huge job, and asking those maintainers to also take on extra tasks might be more than they're in a position to do.

@freedcreative @z428 @alcinnz @cassidyjames I've been looking into Next since it's programmable in Lisp and looks rather nice

@hazel Oh wow, I hadn't heard of this browser. It does look very interesting!

@freedcreative @z428 @hazel @cassidyjames I'd have to do most of that work myself, in part because WebKitGTK doesn't handle history/bookmarks itself.

But there is a plugin system (multilingual, runs entirely in viewport), and it should be quite trivial now to support JSON "content blockers" like

@freedcreative @z428 @hazel @cassidyjames Come to think of it, there are a couple of projects you (someone) could tackle in order to get these plugins into WebKitGTK-based browsers...

Which due to WebKitGTK's architecture would end up being largely seperate from the browsers themselves.

1. Adapt WebkitGTK's plugin API into a subset of Chrome/Firefox/etc's.
2. Build a trusted repository/website for WebkitGTK plugins.

@freedcreative @z428 @hazel baaing browser on WebKit is a little bit better than on Chromium: you still outsource all engine development to a big company, Apple in this case.
Firefox is officially developed by Mozilla Foundation but they don't have enough money. Mozilla would love to get rid of Google, that's why they start to develop they own services now.

@charlag @freedcreative @z428 @hazel
AFAIK, Firefox is developed by Mozilla Corporation. A big for-profit company.
It's a subsidiary of Mozilla Foundation, so the foundation should do some oversight in theory, but considering how many times the corporation betrayed Firefox users and the foundation's values, I doubt that oversight is working as well as it should be.

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