stop making tools that integrate with github, just make them integrate with git instead

@hazel More than once I look at those fancy web IDE and wish they were just generic against a Git repo. Or Penflip (site is down right now) which was a writing tool backed by Git, but it had to host its own.


Or how about stuff that don't really need "deep" Git integration to begin with, and just require GitHub because everyone uses it.

Looking at you,

@hazel There's an issue reported against the elementary OS build server complaining it's GitHub-only. (Which I believe is for the sake of reporting issues)

I keep myself too busy to tackle it myself.

@hazel sometimes it's nice to have a simple REST interface for stuff that git doesn't specifically do, though - like standardized "project info" or issue tracking...

I've been working on a generic wrapper library for that purpose, mostly for personal use - - but it's sort of unclear how to standardize some responses from different git hosting services and how to determine which endpoints to use. For example, "" could easily be an instance of Gitea, GitLab, or any other hosting software without an easy way to determine which it is.

Definitely wish this sort of tooling could be more interoperable, but at the moment I can totally understand sticking to one API for a simple use case, as the benefits from oauth, better tooling/documentation, etc. are not insignificant. At first glance, GitHub's API appears far easier to use than a full integration with git itself.
@hazel Although, I'm not saying this is a good thing - it'd be nice to see some services transition away from GH-specific functionality - but I feel like REST is always going to be somehow easier to work with or understand for building a web service around, so it's not necessarily a great starting point.

@mirek no, stuff that literally just grabs information from git repos. if you're talking CI, use the platform, obviously.

this is a response to project like, for example, which just grabs revs and shas from github repos, which... decidedly *doesn't* need to be github.

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