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stupid request 

hello if you have gotten this far please email me at hazel at knightsofthelambdacalcul dot us with:

1. which hand is your dominant hand (left, right, ambidextrous)
2. a keysmash

if you do not want to email me DMs are also acceptable

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"enjoy it while it lasts, high school will be the best time of your life" is code for "i'm straight, neurotypical and extremely boring"

like it can lock but it doesn't do lid switch.

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i am going to attempt to use the hikari wayland compositor despite the fact that it doesn't support lock on lid close which is SUPER unfortunate

i am going to post on the internet today

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paid & free OS meta, murder mention 

"Capitalism means the freedom to choose! You won't get any choice or individuality unless the profit motive is involved!"

Windows and Mac: Install this upgrade you never asked for that will make your computer unusably slow or we will kill your entire family.
Linux: Hi which of our twelve million distros would you like to use and what would you like to use it on, a supercomputer or your Tamagochi handheld device?

have gotten tons of spam calls/texts these last few days...

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I use a clientless web architecture: no one visits my websites
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@hazel idk it's pretty good at instilling an undue feeling of smug superiority

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@hazel you can't have bad user experience if you don't program in any user experience

sounds like a solid approach to me

arch linux is bad at everything huh

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what d&d alignment am i

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"