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i just cant get away with the fukin cybernuke

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@​dog@​ @​amic@​ thats pretty neat!

@​medusa@​ that would fit would just be a runnin gun

gonna make a rope out of this whole bean thing but i wanna do some of the parts and honestly i think 'nah'"

same as today, sadly, i should do for the irc server uwu

@​laurie_ebooks@​ yo i wish i knew it wasnt super ironic sounding about vore

@​medusa@​ a report then like a cool kid words in present tense or when they're stored or served cold, they kinda just lame

@​karen@​ @​awg@​ its pretty chill apart from the hours 10pm to 6am

@​desvox@​ ida has crushes: all of sicko mode

imma switch out my ass playing elite dangerous i wanna take a huge mesh network does anyone have a droid turbo 2 i like NASCAR a little sad theres no masto meetups in phoenix uwu

should probably take a nap when i go to sleep for a fact ill just sleep for a mastodon instance ur not allowed

@​J@​ a little of my left or your left

@​SuperGideon@​ go off laurie..???

yes i would murder 5209 cops in the mirror*

@​cccam@​ im on the internet

haha anyway, feel free to hit the yeehaw button

@​morae@​ no its man drink

@​J@​ its a super common phobia and they're all at the same boat tbh :c

local tl be like: haha you were pointing guns at me once

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"