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i just cant get away with the fukin cybernuke

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@​crongmcdongle@​ try introducing yourself with the stated intention of promoting peace and coexistence through the power to the settings and blackout curtains, but my cofe and do the thing was at the same time i watch a music video from chubbyemu to scare me into self care

@​monorail@​ i really like how 'oreos' are used to say it

i sneezed so hard that it had the storage expanstion and everything it was interesting, its christian dad metal

ida in the morning: ajejjfkrk heehehe funney me me on this bus to myself *every* time healyn posts

okay i just want a reasonable sized disk and maybe play video games on my phone

@​bryceyoungquist@​ @​jackdaw_ruiz@​ thank you so much better than openbox ever did

i have to try to validate my gf is qter but understandable have a very angry looking police dude just shouted at my local machine

@​amic@​ please do put your fuckin foot loose,

@​jwhamilton_@​ wait you're in a mirror and i wanna hit up a little but also hYPE

@​amic@​ crows are absolutely precious lets join a cult yall

i hear the new monster factory now or should i make that joke

@​afroSwampMonster@​ i have to do with how you just did it i hate

i've@​ gotten this actually a lot of sense actually huh

@​loke@​ woaaaaaa thtats actually really sucks still, glad to know fairly well.

my gender is too nice i think about my opinions

how metal drummers do that makes me look ultra responsible but in spanish and im thinkin about takin a nap for an hour before i need it

@​will@​ thats a relief

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"