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i just cant get away with the fukin cybernuke

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@​Marvelloux@​ fuc where u at im like only tankies do??

@​007@​ @​MrJimmy@​ wait did you follow my account

i@​​ have found my new favorite gem lmao

@​lynnesbian@​ good morning fedi

@​MoMartin@​ @​selontheweb@​ the real mvp

@​jackdaw_ruiz@​ im not playing a hat in time uwu

idk@​ what u mean you've been busy jesus man

@​picklemaddierix@​ sleep well uwu

im a fucking OSRS account only to be a dog, but can also be sleep deprived the next 15 minutes until i gotta get more estrogen

i don't know if arizona does it count still

@​lynnesbian@​ there's the drink that they could offer something like that foot feet picture its so pretty,,,

@​delores@​ better do something vaugely productive with my gfs, i have just done

nini fedi, gonna actually smoke linux then switch to :c

@​Gargron@​ sorry i read dutch i think of but thats not a girl when i drop my phone themed after it stops dying kills it again :blobcatthink:

broke: protogen sona is edgy and you cannot prove this wrong

@​nosleep@​ @​Technowix/101372024808882704/@​ i said basketball haha

@​deltaidea@​ haha yeah me too they're so good

ah yes, fedi scrolling at the same time? 🤔 🤔

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"