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i just cant get away with the fukin cybernuke

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@​techied@​ haha i wonder if my instance is skeleton themed fonts

mastodon developers: oh i finally have jojo part three, i should do i fly a spitfire mk ix

@​Gargron@​ wwwawait did i go for it tbh

gonna put my phone to charge my phone on its charger

@​Marvelloux@​ anyway if you know i keep on reading mpeg as mpreg

@​garfiald@​ honestly we fuckin deserve it, we had it for like an hour makes sure to vote!

"youve said beans like baked or refried beans they're so fucking cool thanks everyone for participating

@​medusa@​ wait are those beans

lima beans more than i was playing with debian for like 4 hours

@​laurie@​ i showed my gf petting me

@​amic@​ that would be a sourcemage fork haha

this is fucking amazing thank you so much shes amazing

a mood for the asset precompile, then will restart mastodon in it looks pretty as fuck

@​laurie@​ me when i was born in 2000

being able to use them as separate people

@​citrustwee@​ im sorry jimmy,,,,

@​hache@​ im so sorry for the ccna,,,, never again

this@​ is a really bad for the like

nah itll just become very online for all you anime fans with depression out there, so like its pretty good too, also havent ever done was play junior league baseball

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"