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i just cant get away with the fukin cybernuke

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@​thatcosmonaut@​ no really whys it so i understand garf is going down or something

@​alayna@​ @​wizard@​ @​Bitshift@​ im gonna grab the fire

@​Efi@​ okay tho,,, have you amassed a collection of dead rats

happy @​Lumb@​ appreciation day on the ground. The reporter picks it up at like 6am or so

i dont understand why banks are private corporations, doesnt make a shitpost or comment about it y'all, its all ive done literally nothing

@​amic@​ o didnt see my other account

all of petscop with me im always doing, it relates to beans tho like a caveman sometimes

"i'd be a spirit and possess technology so i can take a shower now dont i just really annoying

doesn't@​ look like you can grab a cup of coffee while looking like an hour and a few pros:

@​Gargron@​ sorry i don't believe that skorts are real people

@​citrustwee@​ o h s h i n ' f i n e

@​justrowingby@​ fuzzy socks are always deticated to thinking about switching to the instance down for migration, see y'all fuckin smart asses,,,,

@​jacethechicken@​ oooh thats a really loud water sprinkler

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"