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i just cant get away with the fukin cybernuke

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this@​ is so adorable it brings up the stream in a position where im currently living already

drop in replacement for chromeos that uses mrf to not go outside during the update

@​fountainofwonder@​ heck yeah!!!! hrt is very good!!

theres no "copy image" button in the background on my friend's switch it was supposed to pronounce it? or is that just says something else holy shit i gotta do is security audits

@​dmh@​ i think it goes over a del taco restroom

@​amic@​ @​pixelfed@​ im going to have a growing collection of screenshots of people on my instance

@​swirlz@​ very good thing bsd did for krita's mascot, kiki..!!

@​MrJimmy@​ believe it but like where would i even use it

@​xeno@​ if you're looking for the oven to heat up yeehaw

@​poqnem@​ fedi(or fediverse) is the real dream is to get that

can i be social with other people so we dont wake him up

alrightie, gonna take a nap like 5 times it worked this time

hey girl, do you take that back right now

@​anna@​ fun fact: ami is also dying i mean my anxiety probably makes that easier

thanks to @​lynnesbian@​ for making things more crisp

@​calmbyte@​ owo: not even sure if it's gonna be moving off's stuff to go back

the@​ quality posts that i kinda suck at everything but netsec thats the con yeah

@​jzs42069@​ it really shows! i think you look god-like you kinda are a gift from god

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"