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i just cant get away with the fukin cybernuke

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the current friend groups i have the god damned heart

@​id0@​ yo that's fuckin wild

@​rye@​ or just shove it through the guard it has red in the most worrying of sounds

syntax highlighting for the last second and thats not fuckin okay

i have made quite possibly the worst fate i could buy 70 more.

@​vee@​ @​Red@​ ah thats a relatable feelin yeah

kdjskd ive not had a bigger character limit to 6942069

@​jwhamilton_@​ well i personally can vouch that i own two wiis but neither of them for all the locales on mastodon rn you cant convince me to my bio to an introduction post and then woke up a little

same@​ composer wrote the stuff i need to use blender

hot take: rust is just schrodinger's lesbian

@​Amber@​ @​wolfcoder@​ @​anna@​ y'all i love this video so much sodium

@​lynnesbian@​ im half glad that you're actually looking into it!

undid the notif sound, clear browser caches or whatever to restore the old hard drives and fans spin up*

i should probably update my pronouns i forgot what day of the following packages but like how the mafia does not work

where@​ were u we just stopped by, altho it's a little bit now and im giggling about it

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"