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im gonna have to go watch she-ra just because there's an enby in it, arent i

:office2007: Office puns are not only :excel: Excellent, they are :word: WordArt.

Bryce Youngquist RPG?
thats a Bryce YoungQuest

nsfw, dysphoria 

imagine telling ur celly u got 6 months for treating with intent to trick

You don't need to be Queer to join mastodon... But it helps

Gonna write my own 12 rules for life except it's gonna be shit like "don't use your computer in bed" and "remember to take things easy" or like "appreciate all the girls around you what the fuck they're so wonderful" and "steal time and stationery from work"

nevermind it was down for like 5 minutes

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"