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the circles in display my name 

🔵 doing pretty well! feel free to joke around or whatever
⚪ okay, not great, be mindful while interacting
🔴 im really fragile and probably having a breakdown, try to be careful

people rly do be exploring their gender on here
you love to see it

i like vinyl purely aesthetically, tbh, i know consiously that it doesnt sound any better than like, a lossless copy of a song but at the same time, plastic go spinny

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no one:
brain: i want the cool redvox - kerosene splatter vinyl

selfie, ec 

inflate my ego even more by boosting it, dare you

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extremely gross food 

i guess my hopes of using mayonnaise as thermal paste arent gonna come to fruition

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extremely gross food 

my kitchen now smells like 20 year old deep fryer oil

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food mention 

folks, dont microwave mayonnaise

anime girls with thick ass eyeliner have my heart 😔

first and last name (25 character max.)

some computer programmers who are employed professionally to write code are a freaking trip.

"yes, your honor. why am I filing to legally change my name? my given name is too long to sign for contactless delivery from DHL. thank you for understanding."

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"