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put 👏 your 👏 linux 👏 distro 👏 in 👏 your 👏 bio

I've got NO gender, NO energy, and THOUSANDS of LARGE and POWERFUL MONSTERS

wee: person is above you
woo: person is below you
waa: person is to your left
wuu: person is to your right
wyy: person is not physically near you
wii: person is a gamer

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why can't be base pronouns on something more fun than gender, like favourite colour or greatest fear or whether or not the person is currently smiling

your girlfriend being a corporation? more likely than you think


Showing my girlfriend a picture of my other girlfriend and going "i love my girlfriend."

This is the time, this is new history, we're doing it baby it's happening its gonna happen the wave is here and we are going to RIDE it

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"