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fedi is vore-y tonight im so sorry ive inspired this

where the fuck can i get a .circle tld because i want to obtain

fun fact about ida: they've seen every single picture of beans in things

i forgot to set the time to live for a dns record low before migrating to a different service and now i gotta wait a hot minute

hh i need to enable ipv6 for my email server because gmail servers refuse to resolve into anything else for some god damned reason

bush did 7/11

don’t boost this. don’t reward this behavior

lmao at least the backups work so i cant fuck up too badly

downtime because skeh rebooted the vps and i forgot to enable mastodon in systemd when i installed it oops

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ida, chief bean's choices:

is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"