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Fellas is it gay to have sex with a woman, I mean you’re literally only prioritizing a mans pleasure.

*check notifications*

"Hmm no change, maybe its that thing where I need to refresh"

*Refreshes page*

/no change, no new notifications/

"Hmm that didn't work I'll try again"

*Refreshes page*

/no change, no new notifications/

my mastodon got demonetized put an f in the comments

Oh no, the bunposting crossed over with the beanposting now nothing can stop it

it's my fweakin biwthday can i get some boosts????

sorry for the stolen valor eve but it's actually true

attempting to tell imposter syndrome from healthy questioning of what my gender is at this moment epic style

I may not have childbearing hips but I absolutely have childbearing shoulders. I can fit so many fucking kids up here, dude.

me after i have a serious looking cw for a post and it just ends up being about beans

fun fact: i only increasted my character limit to post the cbt wiki article

using the full limit for your posts :drake_dislike:

spamming 1 thought in 4posts each no longer than 150chars :drake_like:

i should probably get around to doing meditations more often

r/traa post, may contain sensitive content 

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"