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the circles in display my name 

🔵 doing pretty well! feel free to joke around or whatever
⚪ okay, not great, be mindful while interacting
🔴 im really fragile and probably having a breakdown, try to be careful

tired but i gotta make the vaccine appointment in an hour

remember how bisexuality erasure and also ace erasure would come up here like every 2 weeks for like a solid month because people can't be normal about their weird gender takes

making a fedi instance where i ban people for completely random things like saying sheesh

(not as like a commentary or whatever i just think it would be funny to make an instance where your only goal is to not get banned)

it's time to risk getting hurt and risk accidentally hurting people for the sake of building communities

ive been listening to deadbird studio reception on loop for the past hour

kinda wanna wipe my account and just live in the staging instance like the hermit i am but also ill miss local :c

every time I have a good post idea, I scroll up the tl a bit and then all I can think is 'piss'.

seems like ti would be really fun to eject your piss into space and watch it freeze instantly and float away

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"