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important ida meta 

hey yall, im gonna reset follows/followers, lock my account, then re-import a cut down version of my follow list, do send me a follow request if we were mutuals !

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the circles in display my name 

🔵 doing pretty well! feel free to joke around or whatever
⚪ okay, not great, be mindful while interacting
🔴 im really fragile and probably having a breakdown, try to be careful

@skehmatics wha- who the fuck- who is this? i should kick your fucking ass

i had a dream about writing a program that reads from standard in, and then writes out 'karate', for some reason i also named it 'genderfluid', it was funny and clever in context but now i do not know the context

what other instance admins can i throw hands with, i just wanna beat one of them up, they're all nerds

i know the difference between the two and how it has nothing to do with how you press the keys on a keyboard

but i still slam my keyboard while writing js and say its strongly typed now

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when i hear weakly typed vs strongly typed i cannot stop thinking about these images


anarchocommunism with chocomint characteristics

federation really do just be like that sometimes

being a bastard around girlfriends 

me: "june!!! lets piss in bottles together!!"
june, incredibly defeated: "can we just hold hands like normal girlfriends?"
june: "nonono !! i think all the stuff you do is really endearing except for maybe all the piss stuff"

fuck around and perform the ultimate miracle through harnessing the power of a dying star

med, question 

hey anyone in az west valley know any good psychs i could go see?

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"