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the circles in display my name 

🔵 doing pretty well! feel free to joke around or whatever
⚪ okay, not great, be mindful while interacting
🔴 im really fragile and probably having a breakdown, try to be careful

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@ida are u a microwave because hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

paracentric keyway? sorry globehead, my keyway is heliocentric

the joke here is that braisn actually suck. they're for shit

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'god bless'? have you tried being blessed with, 'a brain' instead #atheism #brainyquotes

hmm my parents said theyd get me animal crossing but they havent yet,, hmm

gender labels (adjectives) used uncomfortably as nouns, screenshots of a dating app clearly made by awkward cis people 

what’s up my transgenders, happy pride :flag_transgender: :flag_genderqueer: :flag_nonbinary: :flag_agender: :flag_pride:


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Here's all the Tired Queer Flags I did from last year. Per filenames, the black ones are marked as "sloth" variants, which I don't remember doing and I'm not sure how I feel about ideologically. [Since people are boosting the post I made with just the one variant as a response to another person, which is inevitably the sort of thing where if I reply to that post with the rest, no one's going to see them...I'm going to post these all in one block that is neatly pinnable.]

if you aren't a communist at 30, you have no liver. if you aren't a communist at 35, you have no pancreas. if you aren't a communist at 45

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if you aren't a communist at 20, you have no heart. if you aren't a communist after you're 20, you have no brain


if yall arent dippin ur pizza rolls in ranch what are you even doin

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hell yes
i have some pizza rolls

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"