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tell me Randall Munroe. which package should I import for this particular problem

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Linux users will say shit about how customizable everything is until you ask them how to make the music come out of your Bluetooth speaker (it worked yesterday)

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That’s it *introduces a glitch in your gender & there’s nothing you can do about it* :gatopensa:

anyway rule 5 is a rule and not a suggestion

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- At least 250GB of free disk space to check out the code and an extra 150 GB to build it. If you conduct multiple builds, you need additional space.
- At least 16 GB of available RAM is required, but Google recommends 64 GB.

As of June 2021, Google is using 72-core machines with 64 GB of RAM internally, which take about 40 minutes for a full build (and just a few minutes for incremental builds, depending on exactly which files were modified). By contrast, a 6-core machine with a similar amount of RAM takes 3 hours.

and people complain about js devstacks.........

hat in time 

oh ! stickers get applied to the gothic umbrella now

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some blockchain-related stuff on the Internet has the exact same vibe as that one old Pepsi logo redesign document, so I assume that's what those people are doing now

one of my partners is playing silent hill and its cool and all but,,, this is a pretty noisy hill all things considered

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im lonnie and there is literally nothing you can do to stop me :) (from being lonnie)

meds will get here faster than steam will schedule this fucking uno update

damn wish i could have eaten a pizza with THE hatsune miku

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literally why did no one tell me about the hatsune miku dominos thing

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