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the circles in display my name 

🔵 doing pretty well! feel free to joke around or whatever
⚪ okay, not great, be mindful while interacting
🔴 im really fragile and probably having a breakdown, try to be careful

companies really puttin turkeys and shit in their software like a month or two after they released press statements about how they're "fighting racism and injustice"

See railguns are the superior weapon as they can be fired easily in the vacumn of space, look I have diagrams an- Hey where are you going? Come back!

im not saying it's aliens

im just saying that if 2020 was a season of a network TV show it would definitely be aliens

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there's a very simple answer to any and all questions about the utah monolith

it's the second piece of foreshadowing for the december 2020 plotline

the first was life on venus

Is it still controversial or can I say I don't like "love is love"

wild that i can look at my posts and like mmmm ive posted

youtube removing community captions is so fucked up honestly. it's a massive fuck you to those with hearing issue, language processioning issues like some can have with autism, pretty much all non english speakers or those in the process of learning which media immersion is an amazing way to learn I may add. and there's literally no reason to do it than google doing what they always do, killing off services and features because fuck you

its kinda weird knowing that despite how smooth and elegant the movement in a run may look, the runner is just absolutely smashing their keyboard behind the scenes

Cosmic horror is so easy. You just said "uuuuh it was undescribable waaaaaaahh". Fuck you. Lovecraft was a bitch.

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"