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in the dream i just had we had mac n cheese downstairs and we don't now im super upset

@flowless 2018 masto: ok whos coming out as trans next
2019 masto: ok whos coming out as a furry next
2020 masto: ok whos coming out as an #assman

I was once a fedi nomad, walking the great plains of the fedi instances. I saw the scrublands of social, the gorge of bofa, the valley of knzk, the peaks of witches and the sunshiney sands of the co ops. But one day i came across the beautiful hillsides of an unclaimed aspen grove. On that full moon night i planted my feet and said "here be awoo, my final home"

before anyone asks no i have not been banned again (yet)

i'm like a sapiosexual but for really hot people. What's that called?

i havent been on my posting game very much recently have i

rating people on a scale from hungrus to bungus

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"