@ida hmm would have found the black hole faster with gentoo

@anna @ida anna no 80 hours of extra compile time does NOT make up for the 3 seconds of cpu time you save per day

@aurelia @ida compile once on your data processing farm in like 5 seconds, deploy to all the nodes, process black holes at -O69 funroll loops speed, thats life in the gentoo lane, babey,,,,,

@anna @ida @aurelia BREAKING NEWS: telescope software switched over to Gentoo, high-definition black hole images obtained within 24 hours after the three year compilation process

@Frinkeldoodle @aurelia @ida the fuck kind of underfunded astrophysicist math compile farm takes 3 years to compile gcc and python

@anna @Frinkeldoodle @aurelia @ida

based on my experience, it would be the lack of said compile farms at educational institutions, and even if they had one, it'd be something you'd have to schedule time considerably in advance to use, and if you're lucky, it would be enough time

@mal @Frinkeldoodle @aurelia @ida i mean they're using some pretty hefty computers to do calculations on the black hole shit whatever they're using can definitely handle compiling gentoo in a reasonable amount of time

@anna @Frinkeldoodle @aurelia @ida

mhm, stuff which they probably had to schedule on their school's HPC way in advance

stuff that they had to write a proposal saying "here is why we need to use X time slice on our school supercomputer"

@anna @Frinkeldoodle @aurelia @ida

idk how it is at all institutions, but I know at mine if I'd asked the board of profs in charge of our HPC to use it to compile shit they'd just laugh and say no

@mal @Frinkeldoodle @aurelia @ida idk what kind of infrastructure they have to do the black hole maths but i mean if they're rolling their own to crunch the numbers putting the OS in it is part of deployment and if they indeed wanted to use gentoo they'd probably do a chroot compile or something then image out the setup

im sure they have fancier workstations than i have anyway, and it takes a couple of minutes to compile the kernel and the worst things ive had to compile is like a half hour each for rust and firefox

@anna @Frinkeldoodle @aurelia @ida

I mean generally they *don't* use workstations for non-trivial amounts data in scientific computing

but what they do use are very specialized architecture HPC systems that you can't just say "oh well I want to use this to compile shit" *even if* you were allowed to try

I'm not an expert on compile farms but I've done stuff in HPC in general and it's not just a server farm your can hand over arbitrary computation to

@mal @Frinkeldoodle @aurelia @ida right but those generally are set up and hypertuned to whatever maybe even already running gentoo lmao

@anna @ida fun fact about that cluster i mentioned? it distcc'd linux at O3 in less than 20 seconds.

@aurelia @ida Also why does noone ever think of the poor compilers, they're bored shitless without Gentoo

@djmoch the most sublte thing is just what's written on the chalk/white boards

@ida Confession: I hadn't seen the original until just now, and I had no idea what I was looking at. Subtle is no longer a word I would use to describe this.

@ida The chalk board seems pretty subtle to me, but I’m just a guy

@ida this is why I come back to the fedi after a week of being mostly offline

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