reply to this with a pride flag and ill put it in your avi

@witchy to be fair you take up like 75% of the frame, the top of the flag might get cut off if you crop it into a circle, thinking about it

@witchy @ida nadia you're always extremely cute but the one on the left is particularly stunning.

@vantablack oh also let me know if you have issues with the fact mastodon converts gifs to mp4s

@ida yeah lol it's not letting me use it as a display pic

you could always upload it to

@ida Gosh it looks really perfect 😊 This is exactly what I was hoping for 😊

@Torie do you happen to have a bigger version of your pfp anywhere? the image being smol makes it a little messy, either way its still workable

@dtluna want me to put the your pfp just on a rainbow backdrop? or replace the red? also philadelphia flag or 6-stripe

@ida the lipstick one looks better imo because colors but butches are so fucking amazing like omg they are the reason I keep going my ultimate life goal is to have a butch wife are they even real seems too good to be true


I didn't expect you to keep the circuits but it's F A N T A S T I C. XD

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"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"