hi there, im ida!
im a neet 19y/o fluidflux polyamorous sysadmin from phoenix arizona, open to meet up. i run three instances, this one is my main. ive been trying to study the occult but i suck at it still
if there's anything broken, wrong, or down please contact me through (preferably) my telegram or matrix! otherwise my discord works too, i really don't bite
if i ever make a mistake and/or forget to cw something or say something insensitive call me out on it, i don't mean any harm

links n shit:
web sight:
what can i sign up for?:
buy me servers and hrt:
pleroma alt: @ida
backup account: @ida
lewd alt: @idabutlewd
ebooks: @id0
discord: ida#8303

(i redo this a lot)

@ida gonna shitpost, but this time to write anything but simple automation scripts haha

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"