looking for volunteer mods, boosts + 

hi yall
we're currently lookin out for new moderators and/or admins as an effort to balance out how white and english exclusive our services are.

the wants are:
-not white
-speak something other than english well (preferably portuguese, german, and/or hindi)
-also speak english or have a way of translating so you can communicate with us effectively
-be anti-racist/anti-casteist and anti-fascist
-willing to call us out on our problematic shit constantly
-lgbtq+ in some way, or at least be an ally

not all of these are requirements, but the more you match the better.
if you're at all interested shoot me an email at ida@is.nota.live or contact me at nota.live/contact


looking for volunteer mods, boosts + 

this invitation is open until further notice, feel free to ask about it any time

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