important ida meta 

hey yall, im gonna reset follows/followers, lock my account, then re-import a cut down version of my follow list, do send me a follow request if we were mutuals !

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important ida meta 

amazing that only like 4 people who saw this refollowed

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re: important ida meta 

@ida i saw it the very next day :teal_heart:

re: important ida meta 

@ida I'm still following you. Does that mean I don't have to do anything?

important ida meta 


Hey, Ida; did I have to unfollow you and then refollow you? I assumed following, again, was because users were going to have their accounts forced to unfollow, due to the account being locked, but still says I'm following you.

But I just checked today and I'm getting, like, near to none of your posts on my home timeline.

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