running linux containers inside docker inside kuberenetes. Did i mention? It's serverless

starting a new trend of being gay online

Always kinda amused by takes that imply anarchists don't have theory, and that once we read a book or whatever we'll suddenly be into Lenin.

As if 50% of anarchist interaction isn't talking about books lol.

Video Games

of course things that require my attention only happen while im asleep

@Gargron "should" is the operative word haha, ubuntu defaultly doesnt limit how big syslog can get, so sometimes federation does a fuckywucky it can spit a bunch into there

@Gargron im also probably gonna change my logrotate settings so that it prevents it from getting so big

so sometimes mastodon does this cool thing where it spits so much to log that it fills up the entire disk and makes mastodon crash

@skelltan i know like 3 people in real life but ones my boyfriend and the other two are her friends

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"