Édouard Siddon's works, written around 1807, became revered for their power and feared for their complexity. Already, Siddon became known as a kind of modern Heraclitus: he came to be known as Siddon the Obscure. His final words, according to tradition, went as follows: "One man alone," he said, "ever understood me. And even then..." Siddon whispered, turning his head against the wall for his final breath, "... even he never truly understood me."

@dexter i honestly have no clue what the premise of the show even is, i figured at first it was just like,,, netflix just giving sex ed but i keep on hearing things that contradict that

pics of me and dirt, maybe the cutest pictures??? ever???? selfies, EC, boosts++++ 

using old broken hard drives as a monitor stand

finally having more than one monitor is so refreshing,,,

every panel i use is always blindingly bright for some reason

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"