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🌊 Water check! Did you drink your water today? Take a drink and make your mark!

While we're at it, lets not forget Flint, MI and other cities still do not have clean, safe water to drink. Mari Copeny is an 11 year old activist from Flint, MI organizing relief and taking politicians to task for their inaction. She's presently collecting student uniforms and organizing a youth led town hall. If you're willing and able to help out, check out her twitter for more info:

@V @themorgangoats for sure it's really fun!!! although for a while we had no clue how capturing amber worked lmaooo

headline written by a nationalist 

@V @themorgangoats lmao the first time i played that game it took me n my friend like 5 hours to play through one round

"haha yeah nah sorry 11pm was too early for me"

i need to be up at like 11pm for a thing aaaa

almost 5om and havent slept yet epic style

@Olivia either they mean that or that one grammer focused neocities clone

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"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"