@goat q: did they ever arrive at a meaning

q: was it the correct meaning

q: what does it mean

i had a dream about writing a program that reads from standard in, and then writes out 'karate', for some reason i also named it 'genderfluid', it was funny and clever in context but now i do not know the context

@FirstProgenitor you know, when i boosted this, my phone displayed it as
"reject embrace modernity tradition" with those two pictures attached as an album

@jaye @bees i read way too much about dogwhistles and nazi meme shit, but the story so goes: "lol" mutated to "lel" since the vowels arent far apart phonetically differently, and it typically it was a thing that Internet Trolls said because they thought it was funny. it eventually got typoed to "kek" since the letters are right next to each other, i dont know where that happened *first*, but its still only really present on chan boards, which does feed into/overlap with the whole gamer crowd quite a bit, especially nowadays

what other instance admins can i throw hands with, i just wanna beat one of them up, they're all nerds

i know the difference between the two and how it has nothing to do with how you press the keys on a keyboard

but i still slam my keyboard while writing js and say its strongly typed now

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when i hear weakly typed vs strongly typed i cannot stop thinking about these images

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"