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selfie, ec, boosts (+) 

send me weed money to my cashapp ($bridgebridge) or like cuddle me or something

im' peebee head. i'mb a big boo boo bungus. basically i'm a fucky little cretin. #mastodev #creativetoots

my instance by far is the best because i haven't seen any mastodon developments visible in from here

Bee's Crab Story (includes a mild amount of being eaten by crabs) 

Ok so long story short I was chilling in newfoundland in this beach that fed out to shore, it was about dusk and I'm looking around and I spot a crab and I'm like "ok cool, let's not spook this crab because that'd be bad" so I approach them a little bit, they scoot back I wait, approach slowly they scoot back less and we tango like this for like 2 minutes or so until the crab doesn't scoot back (1/?)

the edm my dad listens to hasn't changed sine 2002

it's friday and nothing about my mood is changed except for the fact most of my gfs have time off

tbh living in a desolate wasteland is pretty epic actually

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living in a desert like my entire life probably gave me a weird view on how nature is because my brain assumes things are just the same everywhere else too

to my defense ive literally never seen a tree change color irl other than fucking die so i wasnt aware that was even a thing

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recently learned that evergreen trees are called that because they don't turn orange or whatever in the fall

10 minute video essay

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"