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bune do not open 

you know when you start up a PS1 and it's all like
ᵇᶦʷʷʷʷʷʷʷ ᴅᴏDAᴰᴵ ᴅᴏDAᴰᴵ ᴅᴏDAᴰᴵ ᴅᴏDAᴰᴵ ᴅᴏDAᴰᴵ ᴅᴏDAᴰᴵ pshhhwwwwwwwwww~...

ffwooaaAahh... dooooo, dooooo... duuuuu

gender, imposter syndrome 

❎ style ❎ grace 

❎ style ❎ grace 

mh - 

mh probably bad 

mh probably bad 

no one:
me: *stays up for 36 hours before a family social gathering* why am i so tired haha

Being nonbinary doesn't have to complicated.

You're not required to have a precise label, certain style, or to have figured it out at a specific time. You don't have to wait to use the label "nonbinary," and you don't have to keep it forever.

These are rules created by cishets and repeated by those who want their approval. All those and similar rules are best forgotten.

If you feel like "nonbinary" fits you, then you are correct to use it.

#genderquestioning #nonbinary #lgbtq #nonbinarypositivity

i posted this as a shitpost but like its not actually all that bad of an idea

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"