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furry stuff 

got this comm from ginakutagawa@tumblr (friend of mine)!

look at bun

is it gay to unionize? You literally organizing or joining a labor union. ☕️

finding excuses to refer to myself in the third person so i can use the right pronouns for myself

confession time: i've never been comfortable with having two nipples. i feel like i should either have zero or way more

*closing fedi, then immediately opening fedi again*

if cyberpunk 2077 is so good why isn't there a cyberpunk 2078

i want the aesthetic of haphazardly plugging in my custom built prosthetics into a car battery

miss going over people's houses and befriending their pets

selfie, eye contact 

hi it's my borth and i like to be cute :blobcatshy:

baby leftist realizations, positive, indirect covid mention 

I'm working whack hours at the covid lab, and people in my community have stepped up and asked about/helped with my needs that would have otherwise fallen short. People are feeding me and offering to check on my cat and fixing my bike because those are skills they have and want to share with me.

I'm just. is this mutual aid? whatever this is there is power in it.

it’s only respect women juice if it’s from the women’s rights region of new york, otherwise it’s just sparkling feminade

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not sure if i wanna spend it on that tho, since ive not been able to buy anything for myself all for the last few months

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"