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i mean to be fair, it would be even cooler to get ilhan omar into the presidency but i feel like america is still way too racist/xenophobic to let her win

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although i do not know if she has the funds for that, maybe she could pull a bernie

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aoc is gonna be old enough to run for president next election, wonder if she will

pics of me, just really dykey goddamn selfies, some EC, boosts++++ 

am I gay yet, mom

gamestop keeps sending me emails trying to get me to join their pro girl gaming tournament

*swapping between telegram tusky and discord at mach speed*

"Thank you, my leg feels so much better now."

"See? A little healing magic was all you needed."

The warrior looked around the small cabin, lush and verdant with plants and filled with a warm golden glow. "So you're a green mage, I suppose?" she asked.

"A fire mage, actually."

"Wait, but," she frowned, "I thought fire magic was all about destruction. But you're using it to grow plants and soothe injuries?"

"Just like the Sun."

#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

anyone here know aramaic?

wait man i think google translate does latin

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bro you cant summon things wearing a polo shirt

dude chill out its just a shirt

gods, i wish i could have the mythical 12s platform ;c

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about to go beat up some suckers who think high kv motors on low voltage is the shit

what would the internet even be like without the contributions of neil cicierega

women: *literally invent programming*

some dipshit white boy 70 years later: buhhhhh women dont good at code because they are gatherers

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what's a video that, once you saw it, you could never go back to the existence you lived before seeing it? a video that so thoroughly infested your brain that you can divide your life neatly into "before I watched ____ for the first time" and "after I watched ____ for the first time" ? a few examples for me are "doin" and "the boys are back in town (to kill you)"

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"